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    As number of questions like "what paid surveys sites could you please recommend me?" rises and number of decent answers falls, I've decided that my post would make a little contribution to this forum and help you guys in your searches.

    Let me recommend you 2 paid surveys websites that are working and that you probably haven't come across yet, one of which I've tested personally and one of which was tested by my friend who lives in Canada.

    It's really hard to find this two sites in any search engine, so I can't help but paste their URLs here. All links in this post are direct, they are just naturally long.

    1) The first survey panel is called "WORLD GROUP".
    Home page:

    This survey panel is only for UK residents. From my experience, it's quite a good and reliable one. Rewards are paid in cash via PayPal, payments are instantaneous which is good for me.

    For more info, check their FAQ section here:

    2) The second one is called "GREEN WORLD".
    Home page:

    This one is for Canadian residents and my friend said that the conditions and results were pretty much the same and we even discovered that this two sites have something in common. The clear difference is that "WORLD GROUP" is paying in Pounds Sterling and "GREEN WORLD" is paying in Canadian Dollars. At least, we don't need to convert in our local currencies)

    For more info, check out their FAQ section here:

    I hope this will be helpfull and you'll add them in you list of working paid surveys sites to earn a little bit more money. And, guys, if you find any other new and reliable paid survey websites for Canada and the UK, I guess it would be great if you add them here in comments.

    Let me also give you a few tips:
    1. Take surveys from as many different paid surveys sites as possible because, for me, this strategy helps me pay mobile phone bills a lot, which is not bad, especially being a student.
    2. And please guys, never pay any "initial" costs in order to have a right to take surveys! It means that site is a SCAM.

    Have a nice day!
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    You can make very small money with paid surveys. Do I recommend it as a long term strategy? No.

    There are other and better ways to make money online and one of them is with affiliate programs.
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    It depends on the survey sites that you use. Some sites pay better than others and have more survey inventory. Some sites also have affiliate/referral programs too.

    When using survey sites, you need to be very selective about the sites you use. Beware of any that try and charge an up front fee. Legitimate survey sites are always free to join.

    If you are selective, you can at the very least make some nice side money. :)
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    Hello. Best wishes on 2015.

    I personally suggest to use online surveys in order to make money online. Some people think it is not possible or suitable for beginners. However when I began my internet business, 2 years later I found a solution. Here's 2 tips:

    1. Look for a well known survey system. Many web pages are SCAM, look in forums and ask to experts first.

    2. Involve friends and grow your social network. Alone people normally do not get succeed in internet marketing. You need referals and friends to start.

    Best wishes in your online business

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