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    Are there any distributors of Paparazzi Accessories on this forum?

    It is a young company, almost two years old. When I first heard of Paparazzi Accessories I was skeptical because of the connotation of the name and also the jewelry is only $5.00.

    I was thinking how nice could it be if it was $5.00. But when I looked into it further and saw some of the jewelry I was shocked. It was very comparable to some of the more expensive jewelry. It is costume jewelry, of course, but for $5.00 you can afford to buy jewelry to match all of your outfits.

    Then I was really surprised to learn that the commission payout is 45% for personal sales. Then of course you earn bonuses and more commission if you sponsor other people in.

    It is set up really simply. There are no orders to take, no presentations, just cash and carry.

    Well I couldn't help myself, I joined and sent away for a $300.00 kit. I could have joined for $40.00 then just order jewelry as needed but I am thinking with Christmas that this could become very popular, perfect for stocking stuffers, last minute gifts, etc.

    Paparazzi Accessories seems to be a real home based business anyone can do, both on-line and off. What do you think? Anyone else tried this company?

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    Okay, I couldn't be happier. The jewelry is unbelievable. I was soooo skeptical but the jewelry is really a good value for $5.00. Very up to date and fashionable. I am very pleased with my decision to do this.

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