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    OK so paper isn't very expensive but if you save paper you won't just save a bit of money (The pennies make the pounds), you'll save something that money can't buy. Our lovely trees! Save all your envelopes and don't throw them away. You can use them for scrap paper. If you're really careful you can use them again as envelopes.

    You can save all your parcels and brown paper bags and use them again for posting books with your amazon account. If you don't have an amazon account but you have books you don't need open amazon account! Otherwise that advice won't be very useful.

    If you don't want an amazon account send your old parcels and brown paper to friends or relatives with Amazon accounts and they will thank you if they're frugal. Selling cheap books on Amazon requires saving costs at every level to maximise the pennies which make up a typical amazon seller's account profits. If you don't have any frugal friends with amazon accounts send them to me! I'll be your frugal friend [​IMG] reusing paper will spare the lovely trees [​IMG], it will save you money for paper [​IMG] and if you give the excess to frugal people you know it will make you frugal friends [​IMG] who will send you frugal christmas cards which you can use as note paper or send back to your frugal friends next year. They'll understand [​IMG]

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