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  1. WealthyWAHM

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    Are there any other members of Passport To Wealth here?

    I just added it to my list of "Worthy of being promoted" businesses this morning after doing my Due Diligence.

    If you haven't checked it out, I would highly suggest doing so... It's in pre-launch phase until February 1st, while the creator, Darren Gaudrey, puts together the over $75,000 worth of products that he has secured for his members in the back office.

    For the sake of DD, for those of you who may not know who Darren Gaudrey is, I have heard him termed "Mister Google" and even "King Midas" due to his knack for marketing. He has even written some e-books on the subject of Google Advertising.

    Just to give you an idea of just how good this guy is, his best DAY in the Prosperity Automated System yielded him 18 sales! That's in just one DAY!

    I don't know about you, but I'd like in on a little bit of his knowledge![​IMG]


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  2. WealthyWAHM

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    Newest Update:

    Hi Christy,

    Just to let you know that if you are a fully paid member of Passport To Wealth, as of this very minute, you now have partial access to the "Download Zone" of the back office.

    To access the "Download Zone" simply login to your back office using the
    details below.

    Username: ******
    Password: ******

    We are still very much on track to go into full launch as of the 1st of February.



    Our Managed Marketing Campaigns will be the perfect solution for anyone that wants to take a hands-off approach to marketing their PP2W (Passport To Wealth) business.

    We understand that 99% of people fail in Internet businesses because they really don't have the marketing skills, time or capital investment it takes to succeed.

    Neither do they want to spend hours per day calling hundreds of strangers on dead-end or oversold lead lists, because using this method, less than 2% of people ever make a sale.

    A good marketing campaign is the life blood of any successful internet business, but if it is not done properly, it can cost you thousands of dollars and produce very little results.

    So how do our "Managed Marketing Campaigns" work?

    For the flat fee of only $199 per month, one of our 20 professional "Marketing Managers" will take on your Passport To Wealth site as if it were their own.

    All of our "Marketing Managers" are professional internet marketers with a minimum of 5 years experience and have a proven track record of achieving results.

    Each of our "Marketing Managers" are assigned a group of 25 Passport To Wealth sites, which are strategically organized into combined marketing campaigns. This means from each subscriber's contribution of $199, each campaign is working with a combined marketing budget of $4975. (Very Powerful)

    Your Passport To Wealth site will be exposed to thousands of potential prospects as a result of the marketing skills possessed by our highly skilled professionals.

    While some of the methods our "Marketing Managers" use to bring in results are highly coveted secrets, other methods commonly used include, Pay Per Click campaigns in all the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo, Banners campaigns on highly targeted websites, National Business Magazines and Newspapers. Radio spots, TV, Ezines campaigns, along with Powerful Email Marketing Campaigns to highly targeted double opt-in lists, Plus so much more.

    In order to ensure the effectiveness of our "Managed Marketing Campaigns" we have limited the number of subscribers to a maximum of 500 members per month with a maximum of 25 members per marketing group.

    Before subscribing, all members MUST be paid and ensure that their profiles are updated and that a valid payment method is active within the profile of there back office.

    Pre-registration for our "Managed Marketing Campaigns" will be available within the back office soon.

    Lastly, a common question has recently risen about the status of unpaid accounts and here is the answer:

    The way our system works is all accounts that remain unpaid for 30 days are automatically deleted by our system, so in the future, if you see an unpaid member in your back office and suddenly they disappear, this is more then likely what has happened.

    If you have not paid your two required payments, please login to your back office and click on the "Make Payments" link so you can cash in on the benefits of being a paid member.

    2007 is going to be a great year Christy!

    Warmest of Regards
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  3. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Keep in mind that any managed campaign they put together will likely be sending traffic to your affiliate site... which is a good way to promote the bizop perhaps, but not yourself.

    Now branding yourself isn'e as duplicable as this sort of solution. But keep in mind that a lot of people gor burned by the PAS adpacks a few months back... because the adpacks generated an inadequate amount of traffic, and because the lead capture pages were all wrong psychologically.

    For people who just want something totally hands-off these managed campaigns may bring in some traffic, but having all your traffic filtered through a Branding site with YOUR picture and YOUR story on it (with an opt in form for your autoresponder), is goinf to generate considerably better results for your money.

    People buy from people... and hey, I do this automated thing, too, but many people will not buy from a flash movie presentation... they require a process of trust-building with the distributor....

    And while its great to have people follow-up and close sales for you, its in many cases an advantage to make some sort of personal connection with the people on your list - either through phone conversations of email messages that make you and your business seem attractive.

    Best wishes with this sort of turnkey thing. Still, good results will be achieved by those who learn about marketing and go to work.

    The time freedom you can get with these programs is still pretty sweet... but brain-dead businesses they are not, in my experiences.
  4. Fortune Nut

    Fortune Nut New Member

    I am really optimistic with Passport To Wealth. I feel that Darren got this one right and his experience in the Industry reflects the Program here. Any Home Based Biz has risks as we all know. PAS was actually a very good money earner for alot of people and I personally reaped great rewards from PAS. Passport has PRODUCT! The number one problem I had marketing PAS was that there was NO PRODUCT. I could sell the concept of a virtual office, marketing for the business, but that wore thin after a while. Passport offers superior software which one can market as another business all in itself. Another factor to consider is the effort you have to put into a Home Biz to make it succeed. Automation makes life much better than spending several hours trying to convince someone to purchase your Lotions and Potions.

    I have only been in Passport for about 5 days. I was qualified my second day. All I am doing is sending Emails, directing people to my website.

    Another thing to consider is the playing field. Passport is INTERNATIONAL! In todays' economy everyone is looking for a quick fix on the Finances. Passport has an answer. Are you going to any better off a day, week, month from now if things keep going the same way? NO. One has to step out of the box and make an effort to change. Why not change your finances? Do it the automated way. The low cost to start up with Passport is also a very calculated, smart concept. When I marketed PAS for $4K it took much more effort to make a sale. When you have a program where you can have an entire business for only $1K I find that hard to pass up.

    The Rollout of Passport To Wealth is Feb.1, 2007. I have my downline growing daily and this thing hasn't even hit the pavement yet. If you ever wanted to succeed then be the early bird to cash all the Greenbacks you WILL make with Passport To Wealth.

    Stay Well Friend and Prosper,

    Douglas Wolkow

    President, CEO, Fortune Nut Corp.

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  5. moneyinmypocket

    moneyinmypocket New Member

    I do agree that people are going to make a lot of money with this business. I've been in for close to a week and am not doing too badly. I've been offering extra free marketing help to my downline, and they're finding it very helpful.
  6. andrewblackwell

    andrewblackwell New Member

    Passport to Wealth is a total Rip Off of EDC GOLD. The owners of Easy Daily Cash are sueing Darren Gaudry who stole the entire business model, products and idea from Easy Daily Cash. This business will likely be shut down!!!!!!!

    PS He even stole the testimonial I had on the PAS Site!!!!!! My testimonial had nothing to do with his company.

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  7. MktgGold

    MktgGold New Member

    WARNING: Passport to Wealth is being sued by EDC-Gold. This program was put together by a member of EDC-Gold who took the product and compensation plan, built a fancy website and is trying to create their own company. EDC-Gold has made their members aware of this clone program and said they were going after them legally as it violates the terms and conditions of their program. EDC-Gold is a well-known, established company so it's only natural someone would want to take what they've done and duplicate their success. But completely cloning their program and re-branding it isn't the way to do it. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but everyone considering joining should be aware of this. If you like the product and the compensation plan, take a look at the company that created it and has the legal right to the product.
  8. fortunenut

    fortunenut New Member

    O.K. Lets put this thing to bed about EDC GOLD sueing Passport To Wealth. I'll defend Passport To Wealth. Dubbs is a clever reverse marketer who uses tactics such as false rumors to benefit himself.

    This is my opinion about Mr. Dubbs. This guy claims to be a RICH TYCOON. Show me the proof Mr. Dubbs. Paste your pay pal or bank statements on here and show me the money. I don't believe you Sir.

    Anyone planning on joining Passport To Wealth feel free to do so. This ploy used by EDC GOLD members is just that. It is the oldest trick in the book. Passport IS NOT being sued!!! Once again show me the proof!! There is none!!

    The truth is that Passport is kicking the crap out of EDC GOLD and the members are feeling the bruises. That is a FACT. I have more sign ups in Passport than any other business this early in the game.

    Proove that Passport is a knock off. By the way... isn't Burger King a knock off of McDonalds??? Did you hear Burger King is being sued by McDonalds for selling hamburgers? That is the same idiot thinking that EDC GOLD members are trying to make the people think about Passport To Wealth.

    If the competition is too much then join me in Passport To Wealth. You'll make more money and won't spend so much on advertising.

    Put the RUMOR to bed Dubbs. Compete and stop trying to defeat.

    Stay Well All and Prosper,

    Fortune Nut.
  9. traveler

    traveler New Member

    Quoting: fortunenutThe truth is that Passport is kicking the crap out of EDC GOLD and the members are feeling the bruises. That is a FACT. I have more sign ups in Passport than any other business this early in the game.

    Proove that Passport is a knock off. By the way... isn't Burger King a knock off of McDonalds??? Did you hear Burger King is being sued by McDonalds for selling hamburgers? That is the same idiot thinking that EDC GOLD members are trying to make the people think about Passport To Wealth.
    I personally have been searching on line lately for a "good thing" and, the other day, ran across EDC Gold... looked good, so I signed up for free waiting on some funds to become available.

    Now today I see P2W and frankly, WOW!
    First, the pay plan is nothing new, the products sold this way are nothing new, in fact I could care less about what the product really is! It's all about the money!

    Having said that, as a Human being, I would appreciate it if someone there would return an email and TALK to me before I just sign up in the dark.

    To me it's the sizzle of a good presentaion combined with a human touch that will build my business.

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  10. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    People join these programs usually with a limited agenda:

    They just want to make some money.

    It took me a while to figure this out.

    They don't want to learn to be effective marketers
    They don't want to read about marketing
    They don't want to learn new skills or improve the skills they have.
    They don't want to be in the mentoring business

    They just want to make some money.

    And many will not make money... because making money with these programs requires education, action, and in most cases, mentoring.

    I have in fact made some great money with these sorts of things... but its only because I apply myself consistently.

    The point I wish to make here - It has less to do with the actual "opportunity" than it does with the person. Like a lot of things it comes down to having a strong WHY. That REASON can be a powerful motivator to learn the Skills, and HAVE the discipline being a successful marketer requires.
  11. twa49617

    twa49617 New Member

    Why is it that people have to bad mouth people. Didn't your mothers ever teach you that "if you don't have anything nice to say about someone, don't say anything at all". There are a lot of grown-ups out there who just get sick and tired of finger pointing and name calling. Grow up and let people choose their own course in life. If it is not your course, doesn't mean its the wrong course.
  12. traveler

    traveler New Member

    Well, after much searching and thought, I have gone with P2W vs EDC Gold. I guess you could say the sizzle sold the steak!

    I, however, intend to emerse my self in my weakest area, and that is: How can I drive traffic to this site so I can sell it?

    I signed up under a good mentor, I have some good learning resources. I have no delusion that I will instantly have thousands rolling in...

    BUT, it WILL happen![​IMG]

    Press on and prosper!

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  13. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Great Attititude. Staying the course and learningthis craft - if you intend to market online exclusively, can be a real test - but with consistent daily activity it will work out.

    Personally I think the EDC lawsuit is for real and that they may have a case. P2W undoubtedly has a slicker presentation than EDC Gold.

    I don't promote either program.
  14. moneyinmypocket

    moneyinmypocket New Member

    Like any marketing campaign, getting traffic to your site and giving them "free" offers can be easy. It is easy in PTW to develop a very long downline of "unpaid" referrals. The trick in making money with the system is turning those leads into paying customers.
    I am just finishing up some market research and evaluation of certain tools that are proving to increase these conversions by 100% or more. There are certainly techniques, and some may work better than others. My technique, however, which include both paid and unpaid tools and strategies have shown the best results out of any strategy I've tried. The program I've developed (not a "pay-me" program, but a "follow-me" program) can and WILL make your online marketing EASIER, Less time consuming, cheaper, and MORE SUCCESSFUL!
    I will be providing this information to my downline immediately, and will also share it here on the work-at-home-forum to help any of you that might be finding it hard to close your sales. My technique was developed using the PTW program, but can certainly and easily be applied to any online money making opportunity.

    Stay tuned for it's completion, and feel free to email me with any tips/tricks/tools you think might make my program even better!

    Together we will prosper!

    Take care,
  15. moneyinmypocket

    moneyinmypocket New Member

    Passport To Wealth's Managed Marketing Campaign begins on February 25th. Spaces are closed as of tonight. I personally believe that they're going to be a steal - at $200/month. You can burn though a lot more than $200/month marketing your business! I will have to be successful, or theyre going to lose a lot of credibility right off the get-go. I personally can't wait to see the results - and will keep the board completely updatd as to it's success.

    Good Night
  16. mrX

    mrX New Member

    be sued for what loren? its a RESALE right, EDC doesnt even OWN the can they be sued?

    its sold everywhere for cheaper, again EDC nor is PTW the creator, again, sued on WHAT grounds? using the same PRICE point? PLEASE!!!

    EDC doesnt even OWN the website script that they use, they also b!tch about that, anyone with $2k can go to the person who sells that script and buy one, EDC doesnt OWN that layout and script...

    AGAIN, sued on WHAT grounds?

    Huh Dubbs, Loren?
  17. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Pro marketers never assume that a $200 investment in marketing will produce a $997 sale the first time out.

    Marketing doesn't actually work this way. P2W would be incredibly foolish if they misled anybody to believe that any sort of projections like "1 sale per month" would be accurate.

    Good marketers and entrepreneurs are optimistic about the big picture, but pessimistic about little things, like a $200 per month ad budget.

    All the same - just because something like an ad co-op doesn't produce results doesn't mean much at the beginning. Here's why:

    For advertising to work it has to get three things right:
    -right message
    -right market
    -right media

    There are 8 ways to get it wrong and one way to get it right. Thats why great marketers are also great observers and testers - the chances of getting the message right to the right market through the right media are slim the first time out.

    Consider yourself a guinea pig for the testing process here. This is the way ad agencies work, too. Their clients pay THEM to design ads, pay to run them, pay the ad agency to report on what went wrong and pays them once again to rewrite the ad and test it one more time.

    A co-op is no different except the buy-in is less because the cost is shared. Its worth participating in it for 6 months probably, but at the same time its very worth your time to invest time, energy, and capital in marketing the program in your own way.
  18. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    I don't know much about the case, but it does appear that both companies are marketing the same product.

    if you are implying that I am Dubbs, thats ridiculous. I'm just an industry watcher and marketer.

    Personally, neither EDC nor P2W interest me... though I could have made a boadload by promoting them. It has to do with the fact that resale rights to the same type of niche products can be purchased elsewhere for 1/10th the price EDC and P2W market them at.
  19. sharvel

    sharvel New Member

    Check out there's your proof on the amount of money Mr. Dubbs makes. Take that to the bank! How can you say that passport didn't steal the entire business model? Former member of EDC, Starts his own company, with the same products to re-sell. Ok, nothing wrong with that, but he stole the exact business model. Hiding behind a fancy flash presentation? Can I call the owners? nope! Can I contact anyone? Nope! I've been trying for 4 day's to get a response to e-mails....and guess what? responses! Take that to the bank! EDC will be around for a long time...Passport to Wealth...well...goodluck with that....
  20. greenflash

    greenflash Guest

    Anybody who was in PAS,

    I don't really trust -

    they sold 'hot air'

    Don't know why you would use his name. But that's cool.

    Why is it that P2W has the exact same products as EDC Gold?


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