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    UGH - They are driving me nuts. I got the meage last week that my password was going to expire in seven days so I tried to reset it. The screen which asks for my birthdate for verification would not let me enter it, so they suspended my account. I've been going back and forth with support via e-mail for over a week now and they either don't answer the question, help me at all or send me a generic answer to a different question.

    Has anybody else had to deal with password issues before or know who I can contact by phone? I can't log on anymore to get a phone number and e-mail support is useless.

  2. smokeyssmokette

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    try calling your P@L line
  3. smokeyssmokette

    smokeyssmokette New Member

    oh also on the log in page of the employee site, there's a link under the password field that says unlock account you may be able to do it that way

    you can call tech unfortunately i don't have that number, should be in faq section

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