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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by HaliesMom28, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. HaliesMom28

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    I was wondering if there is any way to make at least 800 a month working with West? I thought I had posted another post but I guess it didnt go through.

    I used to work for a call center doing tech support for aol, then billing support, new accounts, tech support as well as sending techs out to home for Time Warner Cable New York customers only as well as T mobile prepaid phone service.

    I have about 4 years worth of experience but the call center laid off non spanish speaking people in 04 and now they have closed the doors. I wanted to move back to go back to work when I found out they were rehiring but I couldnt I had a daughter and got married and hubby didnt want me moving 6 hours away just to go to work.

    I was just wondering if its possible to get that 800 a month without pulling in a ton of hours most times I can work are going to be when everyones in bed over night graveyard shifts.
  2. snowball

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  3. denver0825

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    So how much are West at Home employees making? I'm a new hire and haven't started working yet.

    (I may not get to work for quite some time since my training expired because a very uninformed PAL advised me incorrectly)
  4. strictlytrading

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    Yes. It is possible.
    You do have to put in 40 hours a week to get there with most jobs. If you average min hrly rate x 40 hrs. - taxes. you are looking at about $210 week. Now of course this is just a rough guestimate.

    Good luck
  5. school44

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    Plus on certain lines, we are being paid hourly rate, not by the call. I work VM Act*va*ions and currently am being paid an hourly rate greater than min. wage. So at 40 hrs per wk, 800/mo is more than possible.
  6. MikeJoyous

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    I would appreciate it, folks, if everyone here who has worked for West would state what they earned for how much work, if they earned anything. I note that everyone who talks about earnings here says, "This is what people earn," not "I worked for 40 hours and my after-tax earnings were $210."
  7. eber3

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    I made min wage, which for my state is $7.40 an hour.
  8. sweetcharity

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    The reason people will say that "people can earn this" is because each client line pays differently some more some less. I work on the S*ri*s *m line and I make 8.50 an hour. I believe some lines make more an hour and general I believe makes minimum wage according to the state you live in. Now on the S*ri*s *m line if you move to S*ves and they pay 9.00 an hour plus bonus for saved accounts, alot of people apparantly make about 300 to 400 extra a pay period in bonus but according to my math if you wanted to make 800 you would need to work about 30 hours a week to accomplish it.

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