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    is anyone here works for DR? They say they pay 0.15 per talktime minutes. So if u were talking for the whole hour which is 60 mins u should get $9 for the 60mins talktime. If there's no call - 0 talk time minute, u would still get paid for that working my WAH site, it says minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. So, i u work the whole hour w/c is 60 mins without any single call or no talk time minutes then you would just be paid $7.25 if u r working in TX. But it seems it is not the way it is...i worked 18 hrs in the first wk of Nov, if i didn't receive a call in that whole 18.83 hrs logged in time, i would expect that i would be getting $136.52. During that 18.83 logged in hours, i got 109 answered calls with ALC 377. But my pay would just be $139.92. I mean, just a few dollars more if I worked for 18+ hrs w/o any talk time. How abt the 0.15/min that they were saying. Their computation really confuses me. I would say that maybe it is better if i log in then i wont get any single call anymore so im sure i'll get the whole $7.25! Now i doubt if they were cheating. Pls. those who knew how it works...pls. lighten me up. Thanks!

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