Pay Per Click - a very cheap way of compiling an ebook!!

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by rockfist, May 30, 2008.

  1. rockfist

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    You've heard how expensive PPC ads can be and if you're not careful your bank balance can quickly become zero!

    But theres a cute way of compiling an ebook ( for those aspiring this way) where you are bound to get replies!

    It runs like this:- (and the system can be applied to any niche.)

    You want to write an ebook on say - English County Recipes -
    You place an ad on Google PPC which says :-
    "What is your Counties Top Recipe"
    "replies to"
    then the usual details that Google asks for

    (This was actually done by one person)

    This marketer was flooded with replies and he had more recipes from English Counties that would fill a couple of recipe books.
    He wrote an extremely successful ebook - he did no research except his Google ad.

    So his customers wrote the recipe book for him and the top recipe from each county was given a copy of his ebook.

    Beat that for cheap research and compilation!!
    Perhaps its given you food for thought.

  2. rcarney6

    rcarney6 New Member

    It does give food for thought. How would you apply that to other topics?
  3. agitatedant

    agitatedant New Member

    I agree with rcarney6. It sounds interesting but how would I apply that to something else.
  4. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    How much did he charge for the e-book?
  5. kelly wood

    kelly wood New Member

    That's a great idea and very creative. I wonder though how much it cost him in ppc's?
  6. newpage

    newpage New Member

    That's a great way of simply posting a question and letting others answer. Very much similar to posting one here. How I see it applying to other topics is very simple. For example, if you wanted to gather content for home remedies to treat something, for getting info on best hotels to stay at and opinions, best restaurants, how to hire a lawyer, firsthand experiences with organizations, doctors, ex-husbands, wives, employers, bosses, disgruntal employees, exercises, diets (bad or good), local urban legends, fishing tips and pictures,....

    All that content you could gather into an ebook and repackage into a sellable product or nowdays videos.
  7. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    A lot of people will link to a squeeze page and have people opt in to their email list using Google Adwords - this might be a little more effective (and safer) than actually leaving your email address.
  8. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Instead of using PPC, (if you are in the US) you can go to Amazon's Mechanical Turk and post a HIT (human intelligence task) for whatever info. you are compiling.

    You can offer as little or as much as you like. Maybe you only want to offer .10 per HIT fulfilled or 1.00 or more, whatever you think is fair for what you are asking.

    The good thing about this is that you only pay for actual results. You can give specific instructions and then only approve (pay) those who actually fulfill the HIT.

    I started using MT recently for a bit of research/reviews and am really pleased with the way it works.

  9. Homeboy

    Homeboy New Member

    Hmm........sounds like an expensive way to write an ebook, although I can see the "unique content" benefits...

    Wonder how much the whole campaign cost him...
  10. techsword

    techsword New Member

    I think the idea is great two things you can do make it more effective are:

    1.Build your opt-in list
    2.Give them some free gift (ebook) if they contribute their idea .
  11. strapforcash

    strapforcash New Member

    It is a good idea.

    But why haven't we heard back from rockfist in response to the comments and questions

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