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  1. cyberchick

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    I joined this amazing system recently and it seems to work better than I expected. I'd like to hear from other members of how they feel about it and whether they have success [​IMG]
  2. adecheine

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    I actually just joined about 4-5 days a go, I am following the training, and am hoping to see a jump in my Primary Business. Time Will Tell, but I have only heard good things..
  3. Aaronbiz

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    Hello Ladies,

    Are you still on the PIF4P Team?

    How are you progressing? See you on one of Rod's calls soon?

    Happy New Year!

    Aaron Riddell
  4. Aaronbiz

    Aaronbiz New Member

    Memory lane,

    Does anybody remember PayItForward4Profits ?

    The website is still up and the amazing training within the site is still there, even though the training may not be live these days.

    Do the basics of internet marketing really change ?

    Aaron Riddell

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