Payment Methods for the 1 step system back office?

Discussion in '1StepSystem' started by chrisc52000, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. chrisc52000

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    Hello Everyone

    What type of payment methods does the 1 step system accept? Mostly because I want eliminate transaction fees and just get paid the FULL amount. With paypal, stormpay and western union, they all have some sort of transaction fee, order for them to get the money delivered to you or to someone else. All am trying to fined out is if there a merchant somewhere on the internet that doesn't have transaction fees? Also, I am not sure but have been hearing the 1 step system already has a merchant account setup for associate, but I am not sure. I just need some advice about this issue.


  2. clendon

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    You can set up your account any way you want to. If you want the full amount you can set it up so that you will only receive checks or money orders.

    Pay Pal, IntGold and Safe Pay are merely a convenient way to get your money quickly and without hassle.

    There are programs on the Internet that will give you the full amount but they place a charge on the funding side. EMOCorp was a great program for that but they were shut down by the State of Texas. Question is will someone appreciate doing business with you if it costs $520 to pay for a $500 product.

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    Hi chrisc5200,

    There's no way around transactions fees, It's well worth it to pay the $19 transaction fee on a $500 sale to PayPal. The alternative cost is $500 when you lose the sale because you didn't offer a widely accepted form of payment. SafePay is terrible, not only do they charge you but they charge your customers as well, and there's a $7 fee for withdrawing funds.
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    The payment is made to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS therefore it's not what 1SS accepts, but what YOU accept.

    It's the cost of doing business. No company is immune to it. You need a merchant account. And unless you want to purchase your own (which requires an application, approval and a high initial investment) then a 3rd party processing system such as PayPal is terrific for you. And sure they keep a small fee... but they are entitlted to it as they are doing you and millions of business owners a great service.

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