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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by sdl1109, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. sdl1109

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    i am about to start with hsn and i have a question about the phone connection. i know that the calls come through my home phone. my question do the phone and computer coordinate with each other for each call? the computer screen is supposed to show the incoming caller information and the script but how do they work they need to be connected in some way.

    i know that this question may sound like a crazy question
  2. Rosie1

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    The process begins when you dial into the system(Gatew*y). After, you will select "start work" option. Next, the system will call your phone line(you answer and hit pound sign). Then your system loads and will connect you to all your needed programs to work. Occasionally, the caller information will not show when they call-make sure you let it ring full cycle before you answer and the info should load on your screen. I have pretty much the same script for every caller, but I'm sure HSN is different in that way[​IMG] Hope this helps!
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    To anyone that is on the HSN project Do we have to download their system to ours or do we use the West GatewayV2 for our calls. Do Hsn link their system to West then West to us. Let me know All HSN projects users
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    rosie1.......thank was very helpful
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    Questions what landline should I use? Can I use a magicjack or what do you suggest. Thank you

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