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Discussion in 'Web Design and Hosting' started by SergueiV, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. SergueiV

    SergueiV New Member

    1. What should I add to my site (common question)?
    2. I am from russia, what is better, post max or min information about it on my site?
    3. I use 2mexpress for site bulding, is anyone work with 2mexpress?
  2. happywife

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    Hi SergueiV,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Your site is looking good as a start. I would add more information (content) to the site. You may want to add pages about learning to restore photos, how different techniques are accomplished, common problems people face when trying to restore photographs, the best way to store photos to keep them from getting ruined, etc.

    Don't be afraid of giving out valuable information. Some people may just want to know how to do it themselves and will find you as a result. You can monetize them in other ways by referring software or selling them an ebook on the process. Others who want someone to do it for them will be impressed by your knowledge and feel more confident to trust you to do the work for them.

    If you add pages written about keywords and phrases that people type into the search engines, it will help you draw free traffic.

    There is no reason to hide the fact that you are from Russia, in my opinion. You could add an "About Us" page that gives info. about you, where you are from, how you got into photo restoration, etc.

    Sorry, I don't use 2mexpress. I use SBI for my sitebuilding.

    Hope that gives you some ideas. [​IMG]

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