vs. which one do you recommend?

Discussion in 'Profit Lance' started by zulu5200, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. zulu5200

    zulu5200 New Member

    The title says it all. Which pinging do you guys recommend? or I know that i am supposed to ping my blog after every post but which one do you guys (and ladies!) recommend! I'm not sure but i'm using both of them until someone tells me otherwise!

    Thanx for any help!
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I am thinking they both work - I actually like [​IMG]
  3. zulu5200

    zulu5200 New Member

    Thanx. I didn't know anything about but i will use it in the future. Does it matter if you use all three?
  4. footbag_man

    footbag_man New Member

    i use

    but I'll try next time
  5. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    zulu5200: Does it matter if you use all three?

    Hi Zulu,

    The purpose of a ping is to let indexing sites know that you've updated or added something to your site. Don't ping unless you have done so or the pinging services may blacklist you.

    Though you can alternate your use of the various pinging services, don't use more than one service for a single update.

    Don't abuse the tool and it won't abuse you ;)

    ~Newbie Shield~
  6. Hemjoe

    Hemjoe Member

    If you have created a blog in wordpress, it should automatically ping your blog after every change. I personally use pingomatic but i am sure they all do the same job [​IMG]
  7. RuthStewart

    RuthStewart New Member


    Thank you for that information, Newbie Shield. I didn't know you could be penalised for more than one pinging organization. Since I have at least 92 on my blog, I think I had better change that.

    *Scurries off to amend blog....*

  8. newbiz02

    newbiz02 New Member

    the only reason i ping from more than one place is because some of
    them fail sometimes. And some ping sites have more options than
    others, so i check the option that wasnt available on the other ping sites. [​IMG]
  9. bdkfreedom

    bdkfreedom New Member

    That is a great idea newbiz! I have recently only used ping-o-matic and have found it is definitely drawing visitors to my blog! I will have to check out some other ping sites though!

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