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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by MLMChamp, Mar 24, 2013.

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    I recently was at a regional event for one of my network marketing companies, and something the master distributor (no names mentioned) said really stuck with me. And I took his advice, needless to say, It is helping me tremendously in my day to day operations of my companies. His advice was,
    "If you see yourself going to the top, why wait until you're there to start developing your leadership skills?" This is vital, because being in network marketing and being successful, you have to be able to influence people into locking arms with you, and duplicating what you've been able to do. Would my fellow network marketing pros agree?
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    I think leadership skills are important and can be applied in a lot of different ways. You can be on the leading edge of technology (a technical product). Or you can take the lead and help others make money online.

    It really depends on your field and how leadership skills can be applied.
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    Everyone loves a winner, and leaders are winners. Thus you are right one must enhance their leadership skills if they are planning to be successful in mlm. MLM is all about team work to make the dream work, which is one reason why I love it.

    Very often this starts with confidence. One must have confidence in self and their opportunity in order to lead others. In working with others I've found confidence or the lack their of to be a key reason for people not achiever success. New people to a company tend to lack the confidence because they haven't made money yet, they don't know the comp plan well, don't have all the answer so to speak so.

    However, you can overcome this by going upline and finding the one that does and then just letting your prospect know confidently that you are able to help them get all their questions addressed and answered to their satisfaction. Always try and listen in on 3 ways and calls so you can learn. It's like a classroom in the beginning, you need to be in class absorbing info and asking questions so you can be come a leader in your own right and lead your team to success.
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    Great points. As soon as you start you need to act like you have a 1oo people under you.

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