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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by nycman2012, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. nycman2012

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    Hi,,, I am new to this board many years ago I tried turk made a few $ but ,,,,just wanted to know if anyone knows if this program has changed or anything like this which you can make more $$
  2. The purpose of MTurk is to complete micro projects, you have to accumulate a number of projects per day to achieve consistent success. The best way to be successful with them is to grab the higher paying jobs as soon as they come in. You would have to remain focused on MTurk otherwise you could miss out.
  3. bigarnie

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    I havent used Mturk, but just signed up with microworkers, and found it easy to do jobs while watching tv. I was worried because I did a bunch of work, then the site went down for a couple days. It is back up now though.
  4. Jacq1292

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    I worked on article writing projects and also transcription jobs. I liked that I could pick and choose the transcription - some of the quality was just horrible. Nice to be able to screen what you wanted to take. I haven't been over there in some time. The pay is low (as expected) but every little bit helps.
  5. Adrian

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    I have used MTurk before when I first started marketing online. The payouts are low and you will have to do a LOT of jobs to see any real money. But MTurk still remains one of the easiest ways to make money online.
  6. happywife

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    I've used MTurk, both as someone who completes the tasks and someone who pays people to complete tasks. It's a good little system, but it does have it's negative aspects. Yes, the pay is low, but if that's all you can get, it's better than nothing.

    As a worker, it's important to do the task correctly. There's no point in trying to "cheat" because the person who assigns the task doesn't have to pay you if you don't do it right.

    For example, I posted a task looking for reviews of a certain type of product that most people have used. I specifically said that I need the person's own words and can't use anything that is copied and pasted from somewhere on the web and that I would NOT pay out on the task if they did so.

    You guessed it! The majority of the people simply copied and pasted something from online, often having nothing whatsoever to do with the topic in question. It was a huge waste of my time to have to delete all of those and of course I didn't pay out, so it was a waste of their time too. I have no idea why they bother.

    On the other hand, those that did the task correctly were quite helpful and I thought it was a win-win in those cases. They could quickly share their opinion on something they were familiar with and I got some unique content for a small fee.

    I haven't bothered with MTurk in recent months, but I would definitely try it again in future if I had the right type of task that seemed to suit the platform.


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