Please give me a quick method to potty train my 2 years old!

Discussion in 'Raising Kids' started by wealthymom36, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. wealthymom36

    wealthymom36 New Member

    My mom told me that by age of 1 year I was already " going potty". Now, I am struggling with my kids ( 1 and 2) - I have no idea what would work with my older daughter who is 2...She hates the darn potty.[​IMG]

    ANy good ideas? I am tired of these diapers...Please help...
  2. mtsouth

    mtsouth New Member

    I hate to say it, but you are going to drive yourself mad trying to potty train a child who isn't ready. My son wasn't potty trained until he turned 3 and he was starting to get interested in the potty. We have a friend who is trying to train their 2 year old and she spends half her day chasing him around the house trying to get him to go potty or changing his clothes.

    Keep them in diapers for a few months and let them see how you go to the potty. Let them go in there with you sometimes and sit on it. Since it's a girl, maybe some "princess or queen on her throne" verbal praise would be good.

    Hope this helps. I dislike diapers too, but spending half my day cleaning up or racing to the bathroom is not how I want to spend my time.
  3. arunkumarsuri

    arunkumarsuri New Member

    Do not compare one child with the other as every child is unique. Many parents overdo it with undesirable results. Have some patience. You can read an article on my site.
  4. PNL Travel

    PNL Travel New Member

    Hi there! My Mom told me that same thing. She said I was fully trained by 18 months. She said I hated being dirty, the smallest spot of anything on my clothes and I just had to change. So I was an easy one...

    My kids on the other hand - Well, they are stubborn! My son liked the potty; he played on his 'big boy chair' from the time he could walk. He would follow my husband in the bathroom and try to go like Daddy. He was doing really well until he turned 2 and I decided to put him in underwear. Then he got hard headed and didn't want to use the potty anymore. SO...I got really tired of that really quick! I told him that when the pack was gone - that was it! The little babies needed the diapers because they couldn't walk to the bathroom yet. I let him run around naked from the waist down all day one day and after that he was fine!

    My daughter was a little different, I couldn't let my little girl run around naked in front of my little boy all day, so I let her put her potty chair in the living room in front of the TV and sit there...she sat all day...because she liked the chair (I did NOT make her do it and her clothes were on)! She must have liked the attention or something (I think I asked her if she had to go every two minutes) because she started going to the potty fine after that. Actually she never used the potty chair. She always used the 'mini seat' that goes on the regular commode. She was out of diapers the week after her 2nd birthday!

    I also used the free sticker rewards from had a little print off book and a certificate that you could print out. Anyway, just some ideas! I hope it helps!

  5. Empowerment

    Empowerment New Member

    Hello everyone, am new to this forum and am interested to know this sort of topics go on.
    My daughter was potty trained within a week at about 16 months. As she was the first i took for granted.
    Now that am trying to train my Son who is over two and taking he's time i quickly realised i have to take it slowly with him. Each child is different and it seems girl mature quicker than boys in that sort of thing may be am wrong but when it come to potty trainning, a bucket load of patience is required followed lots of praise for when they get it right. I call it the 'PP' appraoch!
  6. gregriv69

    gregriv69 New Member

    1. From around two years, sit your child on the potty from time to time, and give lots of praise if you 'catch' something
    2. If your child regularly opens his bowels at about the same time each day, choose this moment to sit him on the potty
    3. When you are at home take off his nappy and if it's warm 5. enough let him run around without pants. You will need to remind him regularly to tell you if he needs the potty
    4. He is bound to have accidents - simply clean up and tell him where the poo or the wee should go next time
    5. Occasionally, let him try the loo - some children prefer it. Put a child seat on it and a step up to it to make it easier. He may still want you to hold him though
    6. Don't expect him to be able to wipe his own bottom - most children need help with this delicate skill for some time .
  7. fmj

    fmj New Member

    There is no quick way. Like previous members have posted, some kids just hate being in dirty diapers or soiled clothing and will immediately take to the potty training. Others like my daughter, didn't quite seem to mind walking around in a stinky diaper[​IMG]

    The best way, since you have a daughter is to take her to the restroom when you "have to go potty." Also works if dad takes his son with him. Kids learn by example and love to eminate their parents. This is the only method that I have found that works.

    Until then, just remember that all kids are different and become potty-trained at different stages and ages. One good thing, if you have more than one child, the younger children will be eager to be potty-trained so as to be like their older brother/sister!
  8. hbrew

    hbrew New Member

    my son is 15 months and going on the potty pretty good and i use a chart and give him a sticker everytime he sits on the potty and i know it sounds silly i clap and say yeah !!you went on the potty !!and he loves it he goes on the potty between 3-6 times a day
  9. GRODT

    GRODT New Member

    We just continued to put them on the pot shortly after a meal, b4 bed or whenever we felt like they may need to go. Then we would start to occasionally ask if they had to go. Mix this all together and you make going to the pot part of their routine. But as previously mentioned it doesn't always work out that easy.
  10. homeofficewiz

    homeofficewiz New Member

    Hi mtsouth

    Thank You very much!!! We were struggling with my cousin's chilld and I told her about this and guest what. Her daughter just want to be on the potty when her mom goes.
  11. happymama

    happymama New Member

    What I did was everything I went to the bathroom I took my daughter with me, and she watch me, and I help her do the same thing I did. In no time, she knew how to use the potty.
  12. gojade

    gojade New Member

    My daughter is two, and she just saw that mommy didn't go in her panties, so maybe she should try the potty[​IMG]
    It was messy, but quick, I just put her in panties, except at night!
    They have to be ready though...
  13. cybermommy

    cybermommy New Member

    Yes they have to be ready or you fight a losing battle trying to push them into it [​IMG]
    My eldest son,11,was no problem.18 months and he took to it straight away.
    My youngest son,2 1/2 just doesn't want to know!
    I have tried buying his favourite spongebob underwear,sticker rewards,letting him run naked to get used to no diaper,but he screams the house down and runs to the cupboards for his "diapy".
    I realise its going to take longer with him,and thats fine.
    It is other people who seem to have a problem with it!
    My SIL and MIL forever tell me that he should be made to go without his diaper-I totally disagree!
    SIL's son who is 3 months younger than mine is potty trained and she seems to revel in this fact,despite it having no effect on me [​IMG]

    When he signals he is ready it will be then!
  14. mominva21106

    mominva21106 New Member

    Hi, Well My daughter wasn't ready till SHE was ready.
    You can't force them even though you want them to try/start to go on the potty. Your daughter's 2, She will be ready when she is.
    You can only try to get her to sit on it etc... But, You could buy some pull ups and just keep telling her "Big girls go on the big potty"
    Thats' what I did with my daughter,she's 2.4months and she'll use the potty but it's off and on,good days and bad days... but she told me when she was ready not me doing silly things to make her go because oh I want her out of diapers/pull ups. She'll do it when she's ready.
    If you make her she's going to hit the reject button and not want to do it.
    What also worked for me,I got a "potty book" and I just kept reading it to her and she loved it,so eventually she got the idea about the potty.
    I hope this helps you. That must be hard having a 1yr old and a 2yr old at the same time!!!
    Eventually they are out of diapers and all that stuff and in underwear.
    You could try underwear too! Hope this helped,Lisa
  15. arcade

    arcade New Member

    The only potty my son has been using is the pool in the back! He sits on the potty for 25 minutes, nothing. Goes in front of the pool naked, pees right in it!![​IMG]
  16. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    arcade: The only potty my son has been using is the pool in the back! He sits on the potty for 25 minutes, nothing. Goes in front of the pool naked, pees right in it!!

    So classic! I heard a cute idea that might work in your situation. Drop a couple of cheerios in the toilet and tell your son to see if he can 'hit them.' He obviously prefers going standing up and seems to enjoy shooting for the water. Maybe if you give him a 'target' it will interest him in shooting for the water in the toilet instead of the water in the pool. [​IMG]
  17. arcade

    arcade New Member

    Hahaha, that may work!! I'll give it a try. :p
  18. MamAtWork

    MamAtWork New Member

    You know the biggest difference between then and now is that we were all in cloth nappies/diapers or else disposables that weren't as good as today. We felt when we were wet, and so we disliked it and wanted to be dry.

    The disposables of today are so dry that they take away the biggest motivation for the child to train, and so it takes on average, an extra year to learn. My daughter was in cloth, from birth, and so was trained by two. So my only tip would be to move to cloth trainers.
  19. soundstrue

    soundstrue New Member

    Hi I can only tell you my experience with pottie training my son. I tried and tried and through Oh My God I'm probably going to have to pack diapers in his lunch box. But low and behold the day I stopped trying to lauch this training experience he did it himself. Can you believe that! All my frustration for naught. One thing I did try was get him some big boy shorts and said let's try this and you can be like daddy. Although, my best advice is let go and let the basics take care of themselves. Hope this helped.

  20. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    My son wanted to go to preschool, and did a year early.
    I told him when he was out of diapers he could join.
    That was the last time he used a diaper.
    You could tell your child as soon as diapers are no longer necessary, the two of you will be able to go to the park, or somewhere special with the other "big kids"


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