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    I am a member of Typeinternational. I was supposed to have been sent a cheque for my work done for $175 which I never received. I emailed them re this and they kept saying the cheque has to come back to them or expire in order for them to repost or reissue respectively. Mind you they kept saying until 5 months that the cheque was not banked yet. Six months went and I asked them to reissue and they said the cheque had been banked. I wrote to them telling them that I never received the cheque and that if the cheque was banked it wasn't me and hasn't someone committed fraud by cashing my cheque and to give me the details of the person who has cashed. To this date I have not got a reply. What do you suggest I do.
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    Surely there must be someone who knows what to do about this!!!!
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    Whatever is happen with u that is unfortunate. But dont break. see forwards. think again again before joing any programme.should be maintain privecy in feature. better i sugest u to see this programme.

    Best of Luck

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