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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by lifemyway, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. lifemyway

    lifemyway New Member

    Has anyone heard of or know anybody working with Plexus Slim?

    It is a weight loss program with what looks like a fairly reasonable compensation plan. I am consdiering it and was wondering if anybody has heard of any success (or avoidance) stories?


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  2. PeterFrosen

    PeterFrosen New Member

    Does it have it's own affiliate system or does run through clickbank or other product networks?
  3. lifemyway

    lifemyway New Member

    I believe it is strictly the network marketing model and not an affiliate or clickback
  4. mogulmedia

    mogulmedia New Member

    Can't say I've heard of them but I've not dealt with diet or fitness niche for years so can't really comment.

    I like the look of the sales page though... Clean, clear, not an overwhelming amount of content and a video. Could see it converting well.

    Good luck, if you do well promoting diet products you can really strike gold as it's such big business! [​IMG]

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    It is a great industry to get into! Do your due diligence to get the info you need to make a decision. Wish you the best on whatever you choose. [​IMG]
  6. BillwasHere

    BillwasHere New Member

    Plexus Slim is definately a network marketing company. Its compensation plan is different than most and I am still learning it because it is so different.

    I have been in about 7 different network marketing companies over the past 2 years and its hard to find one that I would actually show my friends and family. So many people tell me I'm just wasting my time and money. This year I'm $4,000 in the hole! My wife wonders if I will ever learn??
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    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Bill if there was one that you would show to your family and friends, what category do you think it would fall into?
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  8. BillwasHere

    BillwasHere New Member

    RICH4NURICHE: Bill if there was one that you would show to your family and friends, what category do you think it would fall into?
    Rich I have to say that Plexus Slim weight loss is the only one I have shown my friends and family. I have lost over 25 lbs on the products so it makes it easy to market. People look at me and my wife and see the difference. When you have results and a product that is fairly priced then it is easy to get customers.

    I will say Plexus has a confusing compensation plan when you look at the whole thing. I try to keep it simple. I tell people if you do over $500 in volume thru your back office you make 25% of that plus a little more from other parts of the comp plan. KISS

    I'm still getting some residual from 2 other companies. When my residual hits what I'm paying for my auto-ship then I'm bailing out.

    I was in one coffee company since December 2009 and had a downline of 200 until they got bought out by the big Y company. My downline left because a 7% commission was not worth their while. When you work for over 2 years and now make less then $150 a month to show for it, you really get turned off by MLM. That was me.

    If you want to keep your friends and not have family runing from you don't practice on them at first. Start online or face to face with people you don't know. If you do fail and get out in a couple of months you won't have people you know saying,,,"I told you so" or "they sucked you in" or "you were a sucker for that".

    Yes, I have been a sucker but I did learn from my mistakes. Just make sure of whatever company you do get in isn't all hype and smoking mirrors. Don't believe in something until it actually works on you first. Start as a customer and see if the product really does what people tell you it does. If you do start as a rep wait until you get results before you start pitching the product. I was never any good selling something that did not work for me or was all hype. I was in a coffee mlm that had mushroom coffee. You should have herd the wild stories of the magic powers of the coffee. It tasted good but it never did anything for me like everyone said it would.

    I guess I need to end here. I could go on forever with this!

    Have a GREAT day!
  9. Sharon Green

    Sharon Green New Member

    Hi Todd,
    I am new to this forum. I am an Ambassador with Plexus Slim and have been with this company for a year now. I take the products mainly for health reasons, but I have lost weight in the process. I am very passionate about the products and very pleased with the company and compensation plan. :) I really hope that didn't go against the rules of the forum.. I was just trying to answer your question.. not trying to promote myself. :( sorry, I am new here and still trying to figure it all out.
  10. luvinarizona

    luvinarizona Member

    I've heard of them, but don't know very much about them. I have friends that have joined PlexusSlim. Some quit after a few months and some have stayed with the company The weight loss industry is a huge industry. Continue to do your research. Remember, all weight loss products don't work for all people.
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