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  1. ijaxtm

    ijaxtm New Member

    I already join, it is O.K. Can anybody comment about this program?
  2. gcooper

    gcooper New Member

    My Comments about ProBuilderPlus, I love this program. The tools they provide will help a lot of new marketers in helping them to build any on-line business. I already have over 800 pre-enrollees under me,have made money every week since I joined on 1/27/06, will only grow once the binary kicks in.
  3. Northwest

    Northwest New Member

    I have to agree with gccooper. I have only been a free member for about 24hrs and already have 30 members in my downline, 3 of which are paid, and I haven't lifted a finger yet. These were all a result of spillover.

    This program allows you to earn money through direct referrels ($10 each) as well as residual $10 per month per referrel (once qualified).

    Check it out.
  4. Kevcon

    Kevcon New Member

    hello to all!

    I would like to know , does PROBUILDERPLUS really work and is it easy to do ?

    AGELREP New Member

    yes it does work. All you have to do is promote it. The tools are great and really are a steal considering you get to use the tools for 30 a month as well as get paid alot of money.

    [Link removed - Admin]
  6. sunnycb

    sunnycb New Member

    It is very simple, any program does not works itself you have to make it work and you are paid for that. This applies to ProBP also. Most of the people are joining this but few are not getting the results just because just they are not either learning from the site or they are not implementing what they have learned.

    Give your site maximum exposure thru online and offline methods and you get the results immediately. I also joined and did not take it seriously in the beginning, but when I worked it out in a planned manner I am being paid every week.

    In a nutshell ProBP is a fantastic program and for people who want to mint money from it sky is the limit. Just explore it and get maximum traffic to your URL
  7. kleche

    kleche New Member

    I have been with as a member for a week and a half but I really do not have anyone to market my webpage. I really do not know what to do. I could really use some extra money. Any suggestions out there.
  8. DLaVerne

    DLaVerne New Member

    some inside tips on PBP - it's hard to be completely honest upfront when your promoting something, especially if you are making a few $ doing so.
    Choose wisely and don't expect an instant path to riches, it just ain't out there.
  9. arunkumarsuri

    arunkumarsuri New Member

    If you understand the compensation plan you would notice that you get paid only when you sponsor 2 people and also invest 30 dollars every month to secure your position. It is same with any MLM program. While it is nice to see the video in reality it does not happen overnight. You need to promote the opportunity online and offline.
  10. Helen

    Helen New Member

    I recently became a paid member of PBP, but I don't know what to do next. I don't know how to drive traffic to my website.

    I don't quit understand the compensation plan. I right now have no referrals of my own, but I see many paid members on the genealogy, so if I want to earn a commission from the compensation plan, must I personally enroll at least 2 paid members and put them on the two legs respectively, and allocate other members to make left leg 3 members and right leg 6 members? Am I right?

    But how can I personally enroll members? or drive traffic to my site? Just buy leads from PBP or buy "shares" from AutoMatic MLM of PBP?
  11. hyiam

    hyiam New Member

    hi everyone ..
    ProbuilderPLUS working fine with me ..
    in the end of my first month i already get 50$ from them ..
    and we "our team" are working now in simple plan ..
    join and upgrade now ..bring 2 of ur frinds to join u your first week ..
    one of them in ur right leg and the other in ur left leg ..
    and pass the idiea to these 2 members ..
    thats all ,,

    after that in ur first month u can make 50$ the second month more than 800$ ..and in the third month more and more ..
  12. Renier

    Renier New Member

    Any bussiness works if you market and take massive acttion it takes time but it will work it is the law for every action there is a reaction.

    The reaction can be good or bad but you will learn iout of it and move on.

    PPC / Press Releases / Safe lists / solo-ads / voice broadcasting ens just do it as nike say [​IMG]


  13. pegasus

    pegasus New Member

    I hate to put a dampener on things but can someone please tell me where all the slack cash goes ??

    It dosen't stack somehow :- the first 29.95 signup goes 10-3-2 first second third level that's 50% pay out

    after that you need 3 on your left leg and 6 on your right 3+6 thats $180 you get $30 ok some will go up I'm sure, but if you have 5+13 that = $540 and you still only get $ 30 becouse you only get paid if you have 3+6 or 6+12 or 9+18 so 5+13 only = one payout so what happens to the cash,
    Even on a perfect 3+6 there is still $150 floating about
  14. nick1

    nick1 New Member

    i love pro builder plus!! i get many leads in the internet and its working fine, keep up the good work

    [Link removed - Admin]
  15. n06bills

    n06bills New Member

    pro builder is a great program
  16. bigmike

    bigmike New Member

    i like probuilder, im not making the big money yet but im making money
  17. bottomfisher

    bottomfisher New Member

    Spent a lot of money on probuilder and made nothing. Think it is run by some guy out of his house.
  18. eheyl

    eheyl New Member

    So, can I use this system to say promote Emerald Passport?
    I'm not a member of either (free member of Probuilder - 813 Pre-enrollees) and had honestly (what with getting married and all) for got about it. but those 813 are from july 11 to tonight, so something works, not sure what I'm marketing though..Someone please let me know if this is good for other programs as well...? thansk
  19. reallyworks

    reallyworks New Member

    I joined! So far so good!
  20. piggybanker

    piggybanker New Member

    Does this opportunity still exist? I noticed many disabled links in previous posts.

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