Profit Lance as good as Commission Blueprint?

Discussion in 'Profit Lance' started by Classic, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. Classic

    Classic New Member

    Hey everyone. I hope to get started as an affiliate marketer and I recently purchased the Profit Lance system. I haven't started working with it yet, but since purchasing it I've been hearing good things about the Commission Blueprint system. I was wondering was there anyone who has experience with both programs who could tell me whether it would be worth the extra investment into Commission Blueprint as well. Is it basically the same info or does Commission Blueprint cover tactics not included in the Profit Lance system? I also read that Commission Blueprint has good videos that really coach you through the online marketing process. Please tell me your opinions on which is the superior system, as I may consider buying Commission Blueprint even if the material covered is similar. Thanks in advance for any input. [​IMG]
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I see you have both - want to give us a rundown on what you have discovered by now? [​IMG]

    I haven't used either of them...
  3. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    I have both- They are both very different. Commission blueprint is just based around using google adwords. There are video tutorials that take you step-by-step how to set everything up. There is a members forum which is extremely helpful, and the owners Tim and Steve actually participate in the discussions and help everyone out(unlike profit lance, where you have to come here to get help). If you do want to start using adwords, then I highly recommend commission blueprint because it really does take you through the entire process of setting everything up.
  4. 040107

    040107 Member

    Newbies are usually advised to stay away from Google Adwords.[​IMG]
  5. Hemjoe

    Hemjoe Member

    Both Great products but very different, i own both and would recommend both to anyone [​IMG] The videos in commission blueprint are very helpful, taking you step by step visually [​IMG] one of the best adwords guides i have seen. Profit lance covers far more areas and therefore i feel both compliment each other very well.
  6. Classic

    Classic New Member

    mountainmom5 I don't own both; I just saw that the administrator recommended including a generic url of the business being discussed at the end of the post. For what it's worth, Profit Lance seems thorough but I don't really have anything to reference it against. I'd recommend it but at this early stage my advice should be taken with a grain of salt. [​IMG]Thank you all for your advice. I think I will just study the Profit Lance first but I definitely plan on getting Commission Blueprint in the future. Profit Lance already has a lot to digest and I think it would complicate things if I tried to study both to begin. Thanks again to everyone, I really appreciate it. [​IMG]
  7. mountainmom5

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    Classic: mountainmom5 I don't own both

    sorry about that! Have fun with it - you will learn a lot with either one, I am sure, and in the world of online marketing, it sure doesn't hurt us none to learn all we can ....[​IMG]
  8. Classic

    Classic New Member

    No problem mountainmom5 [​IMG] and i definitely agree about learning all we can.

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