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    I have become introduced to this company recently and it looks and feels very promising and legitimate. I am hoping to here others experience with this company. One thing that I look at as a promising aspect to their approach is that they give you a referral link but don't want you in anyway to post it on blogs, forums, social networks ect...

    This will make for a much more difficult way of promoting but it is supposed to only be passed on to friends, family, or individuals that you build a relationship with and want more info.

    Anyone with thoughts or opinions about this company please post. The general website is

  2. payment proof

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    Hi Chad,

    I'm not familiar with them, but would like to say congratulations on finding something you think looks very promising and legitimate. Good luck with it. :)
  3. chadarcy

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    By all means I am not going to dive right in and put tons of money in, but so far I have had good experience with support getting back within 12 hrs, and it is paying as stated. A test I will do soon is see how quickly a withdrawal will go through. Been told, a matter of 20 min. which would be fantastic, but they place on the website 24hrs. which would still be great.

    Nothing at all needs to be done to earn. From what I understand, money that members invest gets used for high interest short term business loans, which a portion of that interest goes back to members. In my case %2.15 per day. I will keep posting my experiences as they happen.

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    Thanks FreeCashMan! Positive news is always nice to hear to keep me optimistic.
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    I know! But it is true. It is more like putting money in a bank and building interest.
  8. I haven't heard of them before but that doesn't mean it might not be a good opportunity. My advise is always the same in that I always recommend everyone do their due diligence before jumping into anything. Do your research inside and out. Opportunities that usually require little or no work many times end up with the same results. Meaning you will get little or no return... but again, I have no experience with this company so I can't say one way or the other. I do hope it works out and you find ultimate success with it though. :)
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    I have a family member that has been with them and was told it has been nothing but good for her so far. And her brother has had the same experience. I only invest a little bit to start ($115) and that was earned from another company so really for me I look at it as no risk. If it works out, great, if not no loss, because I did not throw a bunch into it. Thanks, and I hope you also have success!
  10. chadarcy

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    Ok, I did do a withdrawal today. My request was made at 12:42pm and it went into my STP account at 1:27pm. So it only took 45 min. to receive money into my account. Nothing but impressed so far with how this is working.

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    This program provide vary of plans that you can invest in, the interest can go up to 2.17% with private group. But please just invest what you can afford to lose.
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    Exactly, never risk more money than what you don't mind loosing, especially when it comes to online programs. But I think this should be a rule for any type of investing or gambling that one does. There is risk with almost any type of investment whether online or offline.

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    I've heard of them before! Not gonna lie, I was really turned away from the idea of it because I had some random person just shove it in my face .. Not to mention they gave zero details. I will definitely be looking into this in the future. Great info chadarcy! Would love to connect and keep in touch to see how you do with it as well. Turns out I need to upload a picture here too lol.
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    Feel free to start a conversation with me and I will send you proofs of what I have done so far. It is really too bad that the other company I am with, Profitclicking seems to be heading south, but I guess time will tell for sure. But it made me realize that I should start looking elsewhere, and was introduced to Profitable Sunrise which is easier to earn daily, and has excellent withdrawals, which since I have been involved with Profitclicking, have had very little success taking out money that I have earned.

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    I have a couple of friends in this, I didn't join cause it looks like a pyramid, they are actually drawing some money down so I guess it's working, it looks to good to be true to me. Good luck tho
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    Think of it more as an investment and not a business. You put your money in and don't do anything. They are using your money to lend out for high interest loans. The pyramid structure that you are referring to is that if someone signs up below you, you get a percentage of what they invest.

  18. TJamMoneyMan

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    That also refers to the fact that the "structure" gets geometrically bigger, and BIGGER!!
    The danger being that it eventually becomes too big to sustain itself.

    HYIPs tend to collapse as we have seen in so very many cases.

    I'm not sure if a pyramid structure is the reason, but pyramids WILL collapse, leaving the bottom/late joining members high and dry, while the top/early joining members will have profited.
    This will happen to ALL active pyramid structures eventually...
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    I never heard of them before. I hope that they do stick around and that you do succeed.
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