profits4investingtoo stole my money!

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by dargen_5378, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. dargen_5378

    dargen_5378 New Member

    Only $20 but its the point. I found good word about their HYIP so I joined up...(I use roboform to save my login ID and PW) I invested 10 in one plan, 10 in another. I got up this morning and tried to login and it says my acct doesnt exist.
    So maybe by some freak accident I got the PW messed I try password recovery....says my account is not found!!!!!!!!!
  2. icesaint

    icesaint New Member

    Dargen P4I is a scam dont use it. I got that email from you about 12 Daily Pro, and replied, but you never emailed me back! Whats up?
  3. dargen_5378

    dargen_5378 New Member

    sorry Ice, I fudged. I was too impatient waiting for your email...I already activated my account with 12dp...I did send you an email reply notifying you. Thanks anyway....Patience is a virtue which I do not have LMAO.
  4. netjobs

    netjobs Member

    most of the HYIP's are scam... I too lost some in these HYIP's, and now they are all in the lesson's of experience...
  5. gudangemas

    gudangemas New Member

    Hi dargen, is still paying its member, though with some delay. They are having some problem with the server before, maybe they lost your account by mistake. Their admin is active few hours a day in this MMG forum, you can ask him to help you recover your account.

    I have some pending withdrawals too since last week, but in this forum you will find that they are still prcoessing the payments. Also they say they are going to upgrade to a new server in 2 days.

    After said all that I agree that most of the HYIPs are scam, the best strategy is hit and run and get ready to loose your money when you invest in them.

    good luck.
  6. luisnieva25

    luisnieva25 New Member

    Hello people,

    Any latest news from profits4investingtoo ?

    I still have a $6500 pending withdrawals. Pls help.
  7. Bellegalla

    Bellegalla New Member

    Profits4Investingtoo is no longer running. You have lost a bundle I would say! They closed after stating they had been done in by hackers although the news came 1 day later than the others, is what I have read in some forums.
    Hope you somehow get your money back!
  8. sourcream

    sourcream New Member

    profit4investingtoo ripped me off for $300
  9. sourcream

    sourcream New Member

    anybody else lost money to profits4investingtoo
  10. hzrian

    hzrian New Member

    I've invested some amount in profits4investingtoo few days before they're turned off. Will I get me investment back?
  11. finallyoutofdebt

    finallyoutofdebt New Member

    well they say that they will keep paying out even after they close , yeah right , well we'll see..... they took a ton of money from me . seens that storm pay is having trouble and the whole net knows about it .... but this guy rips off money from us an this is the only site out there about it. I think that we should put it on every , chat room. forum . and bulltin board . so that when he opens up his next site '' profit4investing3'" everyone knows it's a scam and doen't join . by his own site . he took in over 12 million dollars and I have yet to hear of anyone getting a payout of any kind. this is the stuff that everyone out there in cyberland should be talking about. .and if anyone knows how I can contact this lightning2004 I'd love to give him a call personally or at least flood his inbox with payout request. also I'm going to contact the FTC about this guy and see what they know about him. or if there is some way they can follow the trail and come up to his front door , and see that we get some if not all our money back.......sorry just had to vest..........finally
  12. bacpro

    bacpro New Member

    I Lost 500.00 in this scam. And now they these guys say
    they are starting a new HYIP called PT3, Would you trust them?
  13. yahyah

    yahyah New Member

    Profits4InvestingToo scammed my money from me too. THEY ARE REALLY SCAMMERS. REALLY.

    They spend the first couple of weeks paying everybody their money, and telling everyone "anyone who previously lost money will get paid".

    They put bogus posts on message boards saying things like "Hey, Pete is a really honest webmaster, the only genuine webmaster in blah blah.

    Then, they start having server problems because - HEY - hundreds of thousands of people start their account.

    Next, they start paying people, but they only have to pay a really small percentage to keep the myth alive that they do actually pay.

    Most people are re-investing and waiting until the next 5 day, 12 day period, when a little number on a webpage says "you earned $500 now", so you tell everyone. "I EARNED $500 dollars! LOOK!"

    So, you sell the idea "virus" to your friend. Your friend is broke, but needs the money, so he skips paying his bills to add another $150 to the scam.

    NOTE: Poor countries South America, India, pour huge sums of money in here, because they are desperate for income, and $10 in India is like $100 in the US. I know this from speaking to friends I have there.

    That means the scam already has millions of dollars, and they wont upgrade their servers from $7.99 per month to $50, because HEY... they WANT it to break, so they can have the excuse of - "wow.. we were so successful that we like... exploded!".

    Then, they put a message up that says "Wow, I'm so tired cos worked for 37 days." Then it's off to the Bahamas to spend your money.

    Once they realise they've gotten away with it, and they're not going to be raided by the cops, they begin to set up again.

    Scammers start to put more notices on the internet saying things like "Wow... weren't those profits4whatever guys great? If only they could keep trying, they could succeed, and we all could make money."

    Scammers add notes such as "It's not a scam! and they're offering refunds for the last time. So, hey, if you call it a scam, they wont refund you your money. So, be a good kid, and sign up again!"

    And IDIOTS like us believe them.

    I also lost money on "5dayfunds" - because... whatever.
    If you have a good website design, and stock photo pictures of some models in business suits doing business things, people will throw money at you.

    WHAT TO DO??? JUST Call the FBI

    Simple, just fill out a short form. That's all. The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).

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