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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by net4pay, Feb 14, 2007.

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    I havent heard about them before. I like how they guarantee that you WON'T get rich from the system. Lol
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    I have had a few emails from these guys, they ask you to sign up with a referal site they have some are free or you pay for shipping. You have to be careful as some of the sites they send you do and you ask that site for the information, then you have to pay by a credit card for shipping. When you look at this company they send you too the small print on that site says you will be billed after 30 day trial $39.99. I dont think so. Then I got another email from they saying they will give me links where it costs nothing to activate your membership and you get a whole load of free stuff from Projectpayday. The sites they send you to are for surveys, so I am intrested in what these guys will infact offer- that is project payday. So I set up another email account and signed up to these free surveys and I am just waiting for Project Payday to activate my account with them so I can check these guys out. I will keep you posted on my progress.
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    I actually completed a sponsor offer for these guys in lieu paying the money to get the info and what it seems to be is telling you about completing online offers to get free stuff and they give you websites you can go to where people who are completing free offers will pay you (usually $20-$30 each) to sign up on a site and complete one of the free or discounted offers (just like the ones you have to complete to get the info on this system for free). It is usually some type of free trial service for which you must remember to cancel if you do not want to be billed. There are many drawbacks to this, however if you are highly organized and can keep track of what offers you sign up for and when you need to cancel them then this could be legitimate, however I think it would take a highly organized person to pull this off. I have read over the offers and looked at some of the websites they tell you about where people will pay you to complete offers, but have not actually completed an offer for money myself yet (I just got this information last night). If/when I do go through with this I will post back and let you know how it goes.
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    I have signed up to this and in less than three hours work I have made over $50. I am now 2 referrals away form making $300 it is pretty easy stuff, but yes you do have to sign up for trial offers and remember to cancel them in 7 days. It is really easy, but heck you have to really put in a lot of time. The cost of trying out a trial isn't bad either. I spend $2 and make $20 how can that be bad, make back my 2 and gain 18. I have a very tight layout of what to cancel and now that I am doing my own I am taking in referrals rather than giving. There is a lot to this, and I wasn't sure if it was a scam or not but it really works. Sometimes I do a trial offer for free and gain $22 profit. No worries if you remember to cancel the offers LOL
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    Just thought I would mention that you can find a blog that gives you all the info on this for free - by the way it does work - just Google "Project Payday Review" and you will find the blog. The forum at also has a lot of info on this.

    You don't make a lot of money but some do pretty well - it takes some work - not hard but tedious.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hi, I have purchased the material from project pay day and gonna start it soon. I was just wondering how do we fill the tax form for this. I mean how do we mention it in the tax forms?
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    Could someone tell me what kind of things you can do or do do with project payday? I have looked for a couple of weeks now to find something at home to earn extra money and it seems that everything comes back to Project payday.

    Thanks in advance.
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    This project payday was to good to be true, so i went ahead and sign up for it. I got to see what this is all about. Ill let you guys posted and see what happens.
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    I tried it, made a bit of money and then realized where the real money is. As stated above, all the info is available for free.
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    Ok, I did not purchase Project Payday, I just ended up on their forum and learned everything from there. I stumbled onto a forum and after reading all the tutorials I decided to give this a try. I was paid $20 via paypal to sign up under a "trader's" referral link and complete some cheap offers. Once I was "green", meaning, I did do the offers, I was able to get my own ref's with my own link. For every 3 ref's I got, I cashed out $120. Of course, I paid each ref $20, so my profit is $60, follow me?

    Draw backs? You betcha! But I did a TON of reading and knew what to look out for so I did not end up like so many other "Project Payday" referrals did. You MUST read the Terms Of Service to every offer you do. DO NOT USE YOU BANK ACCOUNT!! Even after reading the TOS, you are sure to get hit with piggy back offers sooner or later. But monitoring your CC (credit card)closely will help you head them off. I was hit by 2 and a quick phone call cleared it up. Thus I learned to stay with offers by companies I was familiar with.

    In the forum that is sponsored by PPD (Project Payday) you are allowed one trade thread, posted once a day.. anymore than that, they lock your thread. If you try to question things, they shut you down. If you disagree too much, you're banned. I sit back quietly and watch all this happen while making a little money. But I have found a more pleasant place to set up with.

    Fraud is a huge issue right now. Too many ppl go in and say they will do the offers, you pay them, but when you go to cash out, the companies have put them on hold and wont pay you because they frauded the offer. So now you are out the money you paid that person to do the offer with, and you cannot "cashout".

    I frequented anything4free and fipg, but the main one, which I will not endorse, is full of drama and problems. They are ever so nice to you as long as you dont ask for help when you get scammed, or if you catch a scammer. They will not hear of it.

    If it sounds to good to be true, it prolly is. PPD charges you for a guide they acquired (some research claims it was actaully stolen), then leave you hanging when your bank account or credit card has been hit by 4 or 6 piggy back offers for the one offer you agreed to do.

    If you are organized and remember to read everything, sure you can make some money. If you want more info.. just ask. There is actually another place that will teach everything to you for free. If you want more information, pm me here.
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    I signed up for Project Payday and made some money...I guess in total I made about $300. I already knew how to do offers but I did an offer to get the Project PayDay guide because I wanted to know more "tricks of the trade".

    The only problem is that we are only signing up for the offers to make money, so of course we cancel them. Which the advertisers know, so they do everything in their power to make the offers difficult to cancel.

    Lately they have been requiring checking accounts instead of credit cards, or credit/debit cards instead of prepaid credit/debit cards. Also, some offers don't make the terms very clear.

    For instance, Elite Shopping Club took me for $49. I signed up for a three day trial for $1.99 back in June. After I clicked "submit", the page that came up was blank (like it didn't go through). But my card was charged the $1.99. I searched the internet to see if I could find out any info on their site about whether there would be a charge after the third day, but it said nothing about any additional charges. Also, there was no customer service number listed to cancel. So I thought it was just a charge for a gift certificate and that it was a free membership.

    Thirty days later, my card was hit for $49 from Elite Shopping Club. I also received an email from them with a customer service number. When I called to cancel, they cancelled my membership but refused to refund me the $49. Now I'm going through my bank's fraud research department to try to get my money back.

    So, it can work, but it is too much of a hassle for me. Of course, I have done so many offers that now I really could just focus on referrals and let them do all the offers. But I don't like not knowing when I will be paid by the GPT sites.

    Hope this helps.
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    Project Payday is not a scam at all. I have joined them and tested their concept. I made money the first day and I continue to part time. If I didn't have my own business to run I would definitely make it a full time thing. It won't make you rich but you will make money guaranteed. Compared to all the scams out there Project Payday deserves a thumbs up. [​IMG]
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    Lol, you guys pay to get into IFW sites?

    Did you know you can get expert help and much more information on freebie sites than Projecy Payday? and its all free... there are several forums that are dedicated to IFW sites and trading, oddly, one of them "free lunch room" is sponsered by Project Payday (one of the places the program sends you is to that forums). There are other forums too.

    There is no need to pay for free stuff right? [​IMG]
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    Hey guys, new here sorta..

    I have a question about these IFW sites.. I have found some that require referalls, but I can't get referrals! How is it done? I've tried on forums and stuff, but people never click on it, even though I'm a well respected member there! So what's the secret here?
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    I thought it was something funny about Project Payday. I'm not giving anyone my checking account or credit card numbers to run a game on. I don't care what they is offering. I had thought about signing up with Project Payday about three months ago when they first started advertising, but after I contacted their customer service to find out was it really necessary to pay to join their site, I said forget it! Why should I have to pay to get paid? That doesn't make any sense!

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    Has anyone from Asia received payment from Project PayDay?
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    Well I did project payday after doing some research on the net, did an offer I needed anyways so what the heck. The guide suggested some forums and I checked them out, and of all of them I found a4f to be more user friendly and had a good feeling about them. I then went on to carefully studying the site's faqs and tuts for about 3 days which helped me get a better understanding of the ifw system. After the 3 days of just reading and searches, I hesitantly did a cash for ref trade, while choosing a trader with a super high 250 Tr rating and made $20 that first day. I must say I was surprised how fast I was paid (2minutes) and how helpful this trader was. Here I was getting an offer I needed anyways or wanted and cash too, ha win win for me. I stay in touch with that trader as of this day because he has proven to me I can trust him.

    I have never been scammed, never been put on hold, never been warned by a mod, and never missed a credit, never double charged, or wrongly charged ,knock on wood. If you want to know why I been lucky is because I have a very successful method of trading, I believe. Now my TR rating is not that high, and I'm not a very active poster, cause I don't devote much time to this unless I want to kill some time or make a 100 dollars to buy my fiancee something nice for the weekend. I'm about to make another $100 this weekend,need one more ref to place order, she wants a dress,lol.

    My reason for success with these 2 programs:
    * I only do offers I'm legitimately interested in
    1. I read a lot
    2. I follow the forum to see who are part of the community
    3. I trade with people who are either site staff or seem to be friends with them (look at their feedback)
    4. I trade with high Tr or I research these low Tr people's rep
    I do cash trades with High Tr, I do ref for ref with low ones if necessary, after I look into them, I try to stay away from low TR.
    5. I have a list of people "I feel are safe traders" ones I have traded with before and ones who "successfully" trade with staff members
    6. I read a lot

    stay safe, hope you will take a chance out there because this is the first program to have worked for me. My real job pays the bills and this gets me some fun stuff and money to spoil my girl.
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    If you're from Asia I wouldn't recommend trying to complete offers. I don't even think there is offers available to you. You can get referral sign ups though, which is the best method anyways.

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