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  1. freedomforever

    freedomforever New Member

    Hi All,
    The purpose of this thread is help other people who are researching this PAS opportunity and doing their due deligence.
    I am posting my own successful story.

    I am a Computer Engineer by Profession and I have worked in my Industry for about ten years. Alhough I love my career but I was not spending enough time with my family. So I started looking other options. I have done a lot of research on home-based business opportunities, most of them look appealing and it was quite difficult to choose.

    I have a personal friend of mine who sent me an e-mail about PAS 3 months ago. He told me if I am looking for the best and the most rewarding home business it is PAS, all he did was just shared his website to me. I took a look at it, I did not believe it and it sounded too good to be true. I did not listen to him and did not even go further to investigate.

    Guess what after 3 months down the road my friend contacted me and told me he generated $51,000 since Feb 2006 ! Wow ! This time I took this seriously and did my research and made decision to join. It is just under one week I already got qualified and will have 3 more sales coming by the end of this month.

    I just wanted to let you know PAS works and it is one of the best and the most lucrative business out there.

    For those of you who are still doing research and would like to know from people who are making great income with this are more than welcome to contact me.

  2. WealthyWAHM

    WealthyWAHM Member

    Hi Freedomforever,

    Your testimonial is looking a little lonely here by itself, so I guess I will add my own as well.[​IMG]

    Prior to joining PAS, I was a waitress, full-time, for 5 years in a local restaurant. My husband and I actually worked opposite shifts- he worked days and I worked nights- so that we could swap off son and not have to put out extra money for a babysitter every day.

    A good friend of mine introduced me to PAS about 4 months ago. As most people are, I was very skeptical about how it could possibly work so I made him prove it. We work together with another online company, so the form of proof that I wanted was that it could effectively market itself as well as another product.

    He took my challenge. We made a special splash page for inquiries into that second business and directed all of those inquiries to come to my email address. I was shocked to find that not only were there more inquiries coming from promotion of that splash through his site then independent advertising of other splash pages, but the inquiries through his site were actually much more responsive to the follow-ups that I performed! They just ended up being "more targeted" biz op seekers.

    After having it proven to me, I joined up at the premier level. I had no intention of being totally passive, as I have said before, I consider not having to do the phone call follow ups passive enough for me, so I got a little instruction from my upline on some forms of advertising to use and went on my way!

    After about 2 weeks, I managed to become qualified AND also put myself in profit (I had 4 sales come in all around the same time). From there, I just continued with my promotion... The month of March brought me about $14,000 in profits and by the end of the month, I decided that I could afford to take a couple months off from waiting tables. The month of April brought $28,000 more and I went to work and told my boss that I had already made well over my yearly income in 2 months, so I may not be coming back![​IMG] (I don't think he believed me then, but he may now that I still haven't shown back up to say that I'd like to come back!)

    To date, I am at about $70,000 profit in my 4-months as a member. I have more time with my family, my bills (car, student loans, and credit cards) are paid off and FINALLY, my husband and I are saving for a house. [​IMG]

    This is all thanks to PAS and I am thrilled![​IMG]
  3. Katskills

    Katskills New Member

    Hi all! I joined PAS about a month ago and have a lot to learn about marketing. I am working with my sponsor who is a great salesman to get ideas and one he offered was to also join up with More Than Traffic. They guarantee targeted traffic to your site in 68 days and if you don't make $100,000 in 4 months, they don't get paid. You do pay an initial set up fee of $167. I'm waiting and hoping.

    I would like to do some marketing now. What is the most effective you have done, if you don't mind sharing? This is my first Network Marketing experience (other than Melaleuca) and need any and all ideas.

    Thanks, Katherine
  4. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Sorry to burst your bubble Katskills but MTT is undoubtedly a scam.
  5. WealthyWAHM

    WealthyWAHM Member

  6. hollyb25

    hollyb25 New Member

    PAS has also dramatically changed my life. I quit my bank job and now spend much more time with my kids and husband; plus, I am paying off credit cards instead of using them.

    I know there are many mothers and fathers, Christian and non in the same situation I was, struggling to make ends meet with only an hour or so of quality time each day with family. I have been blessed by this business and in turn want to help others succeed as well.

    Before I quit my job at the end of June, I was only putting in 1-2 hours a day and made $9,000. So, I quit my job and am now working on PAS (and starting another business) full time. I know PAS is supposed to be passive and that works for some but I want to take advantage of the fact that PAS is huge right now. I have found that many other sponsors are not helping their members once they receive the funds so I have decided to do the opposite and advertise that I am here to help.

    I bought my first ad-pack on May 17 and closed 2 Premium sales on Friday and then another one on Monday and made $9,000.00 in commissions.

    When anyone joins my PAS team I send them a welcome email explaining to them exactly how I have my site set up and how I handle my traffic. Of course it is completely up to them how they run their business but most are at least interested. I also send them a cheat sheet that I have created called My Low or No Cost Advertising Methods for PAS. They are by no means secrets, but things that took me months to learn about.

    No matter what advertising you use or how many adpaks you buy I think their are a few things that must be done in order to be successful in PAS. Once I figured those things out, my sales started coming.

    On my "About Me" page, I have "My PAS Success Time Line" so everyone can see my results from PAS.

    Thank you for starting this thread.
  7. hilmark

    hilmark New Member

    The PAS system is the same as the rest of the Aussie 1up marketing. You buy into the system and then you have to give up your first 2 sales to the person that recuited you and so on. It works great for some if you have a budget to do massive advertising. All of those free advertising sites and promotions just do not work. I have tried them all. The most effective advertising I have found is ezines, they have worked great for me.
  8. hollyb25

    hollyb25 New Member

    I do not know anything about the Aussie 1up marketing but with PAS you do not have to do massive advertising in fact I encourage my members not to buy expensive leads and am showing them how to be successful in PAS with low or no cost advertising. The PAS adpaks constist of leads coming from tv and radio ads as well as internet and top magazine ads and are providing more and more sales all the time. I have figured out a few ways to change my site that has given me an increase in the number of sales I close from the one $190 adpak I run each month. Plus, my two main additional ways of advertising PAS are free or very low cost. I do not disagree with you that ezines are effective but I found them to be time consuming and expensive.

    I guess what I am doing is working because I have been very successful with PAS the last two months. You can see my Success Time Line on my site.

    Good luck to you.
  9. inter

    inter New Member

    I have read a lot about prosperity Automated systems. But still I don't know this will work for me.
  10. barefootmentor

    barefootmentor New Member

    Everyone has to make that choice for themselves if Prosperity Automated System is a system that fits their business plan.

    I know for me it has doubled the people coming into my primary business. PAS is a one up program that helps the new business owner get into positive cash flow quickly.

    So I guess it really depends if you need cash flow for your business.
  11. kiwigal

    kiwigal New Member

    Sorry Katskills but I agree with others that More Than Traffic is definitely a scam. I nearly joined up with them but luckily for me went through the research and checking because it all sounded "too good to be true"...and you know what they say "if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is". Anyway, this is what I uncovered:

    1) I called up the number on their website and got a poxie woman tell you to use other means of communication and that you couldn't leave a message. Because of the time differences, I called UK during office hours and still the same response.

    2) I checked out their company address quoted on their site. No company by that name there, according to one of the firms located in the building.

    3) I found a report from the Fair Trading Authority in London who had put out a report based on MTT, giving consumers the option of contacting the Crimedesk (St Paul) at the Harrow police station if they wanted. Also the report said that he had contacted some of the affiliates who joined MTT to get feedback and they said that they had not seen any money yet.

    4) I e-mailed MTT giving them a chance to verify their authenticity and explain these findings, and they basically told me that they believed their system was real, that bagging other companies was rife on the internet and if I don't want to join it was up to me. I asked them if they had any proof that they were the real thing that I could check out, and all he replied was "no because they don't believe they have to".

    Moral of the Story: Always check, recheck, and research up on anything before you release those hard earned $$.
  12. eagles1

    eagles1 New Member

    I too am thinking about joining PAS but am concerned about all the costs. One cost that is hardly mentioned is the wholesale cost of starting up someone with their on site once they have signed up under me. Can anyone tell me what that cost is?

    Also I did not see any type of guarantee offered as has previously been mentioned. Is there no longer any sort of guarantee?

  13. WealthyWAHM

    WealthyWAHM Member

    Quoting: eagles1I too am thinking about joining PAS but am concerned about all the costs. One cost that is hardly mentioned is the wholesale cost of starting up someone with their on site once they have signed up under me. Can anyone tell me what that cost is?

    Also I did not see any type of guarantee offered as has previously been mentioned. Is there no longer any sort of guarantee?


    Hi Eagle1,

    The wholesale cost for website set up is $895, so, When you are paid $3895 or $1995 for a sale, that leaves $3000 or $1100 commission for you after the wholesale cost is paid.

    The guarantee- No, there is no longer one in place. PAS opted to revoke the guarantee for new signups after May 1st, 2006 to eliminate the possibilty of compliance issues with the FTC later on- it was a proactive measure. [​IMG]
  14. hollyb25

    hollyb25 New Member

    I think one strong indicator of whether PAS is worth the risk or not is that I know of several (including myself) PAS members who have sold systems to friends and family.

    I am making incredible money with this program and when my parents were in town last weekend for my son's birthday I closed one sale and recieved three new call backs mom purchase a PAS yesterday.
  15. electricmeg

    electricmeg New Member

    Hey everybody - I recently bought into PAS after having tried a bunch of other systems, including 1stepsystem. I have been passive because I don't have $$$ to outlay for advertising aside from the required AdPak, and haven't yet made my qualifying sale, but I'm totally optimistic about my future with it. In my gut I KNOW I've found the needle in a haystack; the most PERFECT investment opportunity ANYWHERE, hands down. It really is an investment, with incredible returns. And, my 1stepsystem site has begun to take off - that's the bonus! I highly recommend everyone thinking about joining watch "The Secret" - it definitely helped put my mind in the right place!!! Success is all in your mind. Peace and love every time -
  16. tc928

    tc928 New Member

    Hello guys, I write this post in hopes of getting an response. I have been looking into PAS for a few days now, and I am very interested in it. I am also looking for a sponsor who may offer something (marketing tips) after I join, but I ran into a problem. My problem was when I requested an call back, someone called me within the hour (so far, so good), but it was not a good experience. I had a list of questions to ask him but one of my first questions was about the different levels. I asked what is the difference between the top level and associate level other than in the associate level you give up your first three sales. He told me that you don't get any marketing help. I then asked if I could still buy the adpacks, what is the difference? He then told me it sounds like you are interested in only the associate level, so I will send you some information on it, take care. I then said I was just asking about it, I have more questions. I then asked a few more with a very rude attitude from him, and after I got all my other questions I asked him why wont you answer my question about the associate level. He then told me it sounds like you have no money, this is an muti million dollar company, you don't go into a Mercedes dealership and buy a bike, you make nothing off of the 49 dollar investment. I then replied by telling him that they had to start from somewhere. That Mercedes dealer may very well had to start by selling one or two cars from his front yard. Then the teamleader hung up on me. So for me it was not a good experience with the call back. Now for me I am leaning towards the associate level, but if I was motivated enough, I may have invested more. I was not going to drop almost $4000 dollars that very moment. I understand what I get if I pay that much, but don't know what I get or not get with the lower investment. Instead of telling me I can do that but give me information on how much better going the premier way is, he did not do that. He could tell I was not going to pay the $3800 today so the heck with me. Even though I had no intentions of paying today, I was very interested and after talking to my wife, I would of more than likely invested, but with the rude attitude of the teamleader I don't know. So if you don't mind will you please give me some insight on this. Have you ever heard from the people under you that the teamleaders are sometimes rude, what is the difference between the premier level and the associate level other than you passing up your first three sales because at any level you can buy adpacks? And do you yourself offer any help as a sponsor? I would like to thank you for you time that it took to read this. I want to join pas but just need a little more info, that's all. I hope to hear from you guys, because in allot of ways your response will lead me to join or not. Take care and hope to hear from you. Bye.
  17. wealth1

    wealth1 New Member

    tc928...Sorry to hear about your experience with the Team Leader... I actually heard of a few instances over the last few days of very poor communication via Team Leaders from some of my prospects.

    aside from that this PAS business is phenomenal if worked properly.

    Hopefully you get all of your questions answered properly...
    Regarding advertising and marketing feel free to contact me at 3kchecks@gmail and I will be glad to show you the tools and services I use which help me consistantly recieve 3-5 sales every week.

  18. hollyb25

    hollyb25 New Member

    Hi tc928,
    I have only had two instances in which a prospect was unhappy with a team leader. Most people are usually impressed with their ability to answer questions and by the fact that they do not pressure them in any way.

    As for looking for a sponsor who will help you; by placing the call back request you are automatically tied to the sponsor's who's site you submitted it from. But, to answer you question, yes I offer full support to all of my members.

    I just completed a "Welcome Email" that I send to all of my new members as soon as their site goes live. It gives them step by step instructions to getting their site set up for maximum exposure from their adpak prospects and any other leads they generate. This helps them to get off to a much quicker start.

    I also have a "Low or No Cost Advertising Methods" cheat sheet
    that I send to all of them that explains all of the methods I am using to generate PAS sales.

    Good luck to you!
  19. Sterling

    Sterling New Member

    Hello to all who read this,

    In brief here is our success story with PAS :

    06/05/06 - Joined PAS At Premier Level

    07/10/06 - Started Google Advertising Campaign

    07/21/06 - Received First Sale (Qualified at Premier Level)

    07/31/06 - Received 2 x Premier Sales On Same Day ($6,000)

    08/31/06 - Total Net Income Received as of 08/31/06 $17,200 (seventeen thousand two hundred)

    During the month of August we learnt how to elevate our PAS business by becoming pro-active with the people who opt-in to our web site (both our personal web page or PAS web site).

    The human touch can go a long way and we teach our team a system that breaks the ice with these new leads. Basically when someone leaves their name and phone number on my web page we know that they want more information, so I'll make a point of calling them personally. The call is just to introduce myself and say hello. Then I'll ask a couple of questions about them, I will not sell to them. I even tell them I'm not going to sell them. All I do is use a simple system.

    Each day I set a goal of having at least 2 quality conversations with people. Sometimes the conversations last 20 - 30 mins, but the residual effect is that they remember the person that spent time with them to learn about their life and needs. I'll also tell them to look out for my e-mails, as well as passing out my phone numbers.

    The automated system is an excellent tool once they are in it, but sometimes you just need to direct people to it. This is all I'm doing to be pro-active and it generates about 2 - 3 system sales a week for us.

    Using this system in the past 30 days, we have seen our business produce 5 x premier sales and 2 x basic.


    Andy & Maggie Peckett

    skype : sterlingpro
  20. WealthyWAHM

    WealthyWAHM Member

    I think most people actually expect to be sold when they request a callback... That's not quite how the system works- Tour Guides are just there to answer questions, nothing more, and I think that people are so used to "hype"-type businesses, that that can be a bit unexpected and uncomfortable.

    As for the Tour Guides, I will admit that there are good ones and there are bad, though I won't name any in either instance. When my prospects come through, I typically send them an email after I get the notes from the call and ask if there is anything they would like me to personally clarify and how the call made them feel. If they don't feel that the tour guide did them justice, then I give a call or I continue my emails back and forth.

    Please bear in mind that a good number of these tour guides are on duty 10-14 hours per day and it does get a bit tiring....

    As for support, yes, you have to be careful as to which sponsor you choose if you are new to online business. There are some that will promise help and not offer it, others that make no offers and just seem to take your money and ignore you AND THEN, there are those that offer full support through Welcome Emails, team updates, team forums, team resource websites full of advertising suggestions, web conference rooms, co-op advertising, will help you set up your websites for you, etc.

    The best way to get to know what your potential sponsor is like is to actually ask some of their downline members. [​IMG]



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