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    This is my review of push button emailer. As someone who has made money working from home for nine years now I fully understand how important it is to have various avenues to create leads. Over the past nine years some of my favorite ways to create leads are solo ads, voice broadcasting, email blasting (not spam) and radio advertising. Many people though are not very savvy at marketing. They do not have the technical ability to set up a voice broadcast or to email blast. They do not have the marketing skills to write awesome copy or to pique interest. The key is to have a targeted message to a targeted list. The goal of Push Button Emailer is to provide the customer with a hands free approach to building a big autoresponder list.

    The owner of this company has been a home based success story for decades and knows what he is doing. Push Button Emailer is a SERVICE that helps the customer build an autoresponder list. Doing this successfully for the past 9 years I realize the power of the list and to continually pound on a list. I always have people joining my endeavors months and years later as I keep them up to date and informed about what I am doing. When the timing is right for them they jump in.

    What Push Button Emailer does is creates opt ins for your business in two ways. First they have millions of biz oppty seekers that they email out to. You let the system know what link you want to promote. With carefully crafted messages they then send out emails on your behalf via response magic. These opt in leads and those that opened the emails are added to your autoresponder in your back office. They also do this with genealogy lists they email out to. They create a different message for networkers or opportunity buyers. These are my favorite leads to speak with as they get the game and they are eager to spend if shown the right service or opportunity.

    Each and every month you can expect to have 600+ business seekers and 600+ networkers added to your autoresponder. Push Button Emailer will send out emails to these leads for you. As time goes on you will have thousands in your autoresponder. Optionally you can get a response magic account and send out your own letters to these leads if you so desired. Again this service is about helping you build a nice autoresponder list.

    At the entry point of 297 to start and 97 a month in my eyes this is a very cost effective way to create a very good list. You do not have to worry about emailers, or where to get leads, or what to say. It is hands free and done for you. The leads also come with phone numbers if you are one to call leads. Me personally I do not have much time to call each lead but of course will speak to those that get back with my off the email messages.

    There is also a nice affiliate program attached to this. It is a reverse two up. Your first and third sales are yours. The second and fourth sales roll up to your sponsor. All sales thereafter are yours. You earn $200 one time and $20 a month residual. So when someone joins your business you earn $220 up front. They pay the admin $77 a month. After the first month your cost is just $99, $20 going to the sponsor and $77 to admin.

    Again this is a very cost effective and hands free approach to lead generation. Over the course of a year and spending about 1400 I will have well over 14k-15k leads in my autoresponder. I know that over time I will pull out sales out of those. I expect the longterm ROI to be very good. You will not make millions but these hands free services are the rage now as people want to put lead generation into the hands of experts.


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    I saw this. Will be interesting to watch and see how it evolves. I look forward to future post on results fro leads.
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    Here is a copy of the daily email one gets from admin letting you know how many leads have been created for you.

    Just wanted to drop by with a quick update.

    As of the time of this email you have received 34 leads for 12/17/2013

    Keep in mind that these are NOT just leads. Leads are a dime a dozen.

    These folks are double optin prospects in your white listed auto responder Subscriber list.

    That's a HUGE difference. Plus, you didn't have to lift a finger to get them there.

    That's the POWER of the Push Button Emailer Marketing System.

    Full speed ahead. Go get 'em!

    Log into your PBE Account

    You can market any business link you want to these leads. A very cost effective way to build a nice list.
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    Yes, solo ads are great to get consistent flow of leads.

    PPC is also a great way to drive traffic to your lead capture page but just make sure that you don't use the smaller companies and only the big ones like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

    As for mailers that work like traffic exchanges, I don't recommend that you use those either. They are totally TRASH traffic everyone who is clicking on your ads want to have others see their offer too.
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    Id stay away from push button mailer, my old campaigns kept stalling and the owner Denis kept saying FIRE UP ANOTHER CAMPAIGN

    Well this happened many many times, I found a solution far better then push button mailer.
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    I had evaluated pushbuttonmailer a few years ago with Dennis Bayne, at least I think this is the same deal, so how is it working out for you. When it started, email marketing was all the rage, but he had so many issues, made so many changes, like access to a server which was spam friendly, which dumped him and members, I folded, wasn't worth the trouble or getting put on spamblocker list. So what has changed, anything?

    Good luck to all,
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    I love Push Button Emailer and have never had a problem... always got my daily leads on autipilot.
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    Does anyone else have anything to say about push Button Mailer?

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