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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by tjemartin, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. tjemartin

    tjemartin New Member

    Hello all,

    I am on the lookout for legit, online employment, preferably geared towards customer service/call center type work. I am at a loss of where to look and don't want to be caught up in any scams. I was born with mild cerebral palsy that affects my right hand/arm and do not have the best motor skills on that side. All the typing I do is with my left hand, so I don't have the best typing speed. However, I am a friendly person though and would like to put that to good use.

    I have tried to apply for jobs in person in the past, but every time it comes to the job interview, it seems like I get discriminated against because of my disability as well as get grilled (it seems) on questions of "How can you do this/that, with your hand?". I tell them that since I was born with it, I find ways around my disability, but I guess that isn't good enough and I never hear from them again. At the same time, I have some people (friends and family members) that can't see anything wrong with me. Just makes it very frustrating for me.

    I am very good with computers (enjoy working with them as well) and have a real good knowledge of Windows operating systems. I have a laptop with Vista Home Premium SP2, also I have a Plantronics DSP 500 USB headset that I hope to put to good use. I do live in the Niagara area of Ontario and am willing to be hired by an American company to work from home as well (If laws allow that). I have looked into ContractXChange, but I do have a Vista computer and ContractXChange states that the Windows Vista OS is not permitted. I also do not have the funds to spend for XP (If you can still find XP somewhere)

    I am willing to take help from anyone out there
  2. annalaurab

    annalaurab Member

    This is a tough one since usually you have to find a company that pays people to work from home. I know Jet Blue the airline does this. I don't know about hiring people from Canada though. Have you tried the job site? They have employers who list these types of jobs sometimes.
  3. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Have you tried affiliate marketing? You could build your own blogs or website on a niche of your choice, and then make money with affiliate products.

    It is not fast money but if you can stay consistent and keep learning about it, you can eventually make decent money without investing a lot.

    If you can afford to start with the SBI program, that would be the quickest way to learn and profit.[​IMG]
  4. onedumbaussie

    onedumbaussie New Member

    Mate try doing some freelancing, there are thousands of shills listed on the freelance websites. See what you can do and start bidding for work. After you have a reputation work will come to you.

    This is no overnight solution but your a great candidate for freelance work.

    Give it a go theres even work for call centre type jobs.

    Good luck mate

    One Dumb Aussie
  5. DannyMichau

    DannyMichau New Member

    Seriously you guy's whom have taken the time to respond need a big thumbs up I am really liking the energies on this site.[​IMG]
    To our mate that has been dealt a few bad cards off the dealer,without knowing your full story I would like to suggest you try and harness what you already obviously posess.
    Have you considered creating your own e-book and personal development program for other's that are climbing hurdles one like me could only imagine.
    I am certain that with the quality of people in this site all advice will only see you succeed to a much higher level than locked away in the basement transcribing minutes from some meeting in Leningrad.

    You have your Drive, obviously the Desire mixed with a bit of self promotion and support you can do it.

    If you wan't a distant cyber hand let me know. I am blessed at being as thick as two bricks but I can get things shaking.
    I am not sure if I am allowed this Link you may have seen Nick in action a thousand times No Limbs No Worries
  6. bhuff85

    bhuff85 New Member

    Well, luckily there are plenty of legitimate customer service jobs out there. While some require some experience, it's still worth applying. Customer service is probably the most popular work at home job opp through an employer as well.

    Just check out a few companies and put in an app/your resume. It's worth a shot!

    Good luck and I hope all works out for you.
  7. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    If you do find a job like that, well done.

    if you do come across a customer service job where you have to pay to join it, then you will know that it is NOT real.

    I still think that one of the best ways to earn a nice living online is to go with either MLM online or affiliate programs.


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