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Discussion in 'Fun Time Vacation Club' started by dawnmo, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. dawnmo

    dawnmo New Member

    I'm looking at several of the Funtime Certificates such as Orlando (CORLANDO), Las Vegas (CVEGAS) and Bahamas Cruise & Resort Vacation (CCS).

    There are several hotels/resorts listed on each. Is the customer able to select which resort they prefer (1st choice, 2nd choice) or is the resort just assigned to them based on availability?

    There are several hotels/resorts listed - some would be a much better deal than others. (Some are $45 per night on Travelocity while others are $139 per night.)

  2. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    Great question , we have several hotels in orlando and at the time of booking if there is more than 1 hotel available the customer can make a choice. the impotant thing for our distributors in that the customer booking agents make it a very easy proccess. and that makes you look great. as far as pricing alot of companys do bate and switches which makes us look good .
  3. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    I have been in the travel industrie for 16 years and I have seen it all. knowing what type of products to use will determan wheather you survive in business or not so this is a very important question.
    there are many types of breakage and it will take a long time to explain so i will use this as a topic of training on one of our training calls. you need to protect your reputation at all costs so you dont want to give out a travel product that people will have a hard time using. there are hundreds of dishonest travel vendors out there . and there is a reason that Coastal stoped using GET UP AND GO travel. are you going to the bahamas training seminar it would be realy nice to meet you .
  4. Ardy

    Ardy New Member

    IS the term Breakage going to be discussed in the Bahamas? I am going and I have never heard this term before. I am a person of integrity and I don't want anything to come back and haunt me either. Also how many workbooks should I bring along to take notes or are there going to be cassettes or cd's that we can get on the seminars.
  5. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    Good job Queen Of Biz Op. I know you have been in the travel industrie for a long time and we are glad to have you as part of the Fun Time team. Im looking forward to meeting you in the bahamas and drinking a frosty PINA COLADA hahaha. your explanation of breakage was great. to put the final touch on it I want to add that most breakage voucher companies have so many restrictions on the use of there products that you always have to be careful on how you hand them out. most companies that use breakage vouchers dont expect you to last in the business more than 6 months so they feel that you will be gone before the stuff hits the fan when your customers start to try and travel. most companies that are using breakage vacations do not disclose all the terms and conditions on there travel documents so you dont realy find out all the nickel and dime costs till you get ready to travel. and that is realy frustrating to the customer . good job on building your team so quickly and i can wait to share some travel stories with you . since we know alot of the same people we should have some good stories
  6. decker2006

    decker2006 New Member

    So there are absolutely NO breakage certificates offered by funtime, is that correct? All certificates we receive on the Super Elite package are fulfilled in house, right?

    If I advise people to request Funtime as a vendor from their coastal package whenever possible, they will not get a breakage certificate from Funtime?

    If it comes from another vendor, is there a way to know if it is a breakage certificate?

    How can we protect ourselves to NEVER handout a breakage certificate. I certainly don't go for that bait and switch routine.

  7. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    Hi there noreen Great question I had hoped someone would ask hahaha. I can only speak for the fun time products in the package
    and you are correct any vacation that Fun Time books in house which is all the Fun Time vouchers have NO BREAKAGE . as you are aware we have a chart in the back office that lists all the different vacations that are available to our customers. there are 3 categories listed.
    each one tells you how the vacation is processed and all of our sites like the and the all have all the terms and conditions and pictures of the products so there is no gray area and the customers all have access to these sites which make you look good . being that you are with Coastal and Fun Time you have the best of both worlds. Coastal is adding more and more Fun Time products because they never get complaints on them. at least nothing that cant be handled with a simple phone call we now have the
    and comming soon AL FROM COASTAL is going to be making a special announcment about a special COASTAL / FUN TIME offer that is going to knock your socks off. and best of all everytime you give our product out you get paid activation income when the customer activates. thats why we have alot of people using our products in there business. having an unlimited supply of free vouchers opens up big doors for people to do alot of new things. see you on the call tonight
  8. dawnmo

    dawnmo New Member

    I thought Dana said on one of the training calls that the incentive certificates (Certs A, B, C, etc.) are breakage certificates. Is this incorrect information?

    Also, are these incentive certificates mentioned above in the Coastal package?

  9. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    Hi Dawn Im not sure what you mean about question 2 but the answer to question 1 is I think there is some confusion. we do not offer any breakage certs. we do have a few multiple step vouchers that everyone travels on . those are listed on your vacation chart. I am going to do a class on breakage on tonights call to give everyone a full understanding of the process.

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