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Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by JadeShea, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. JadeShea

    JadeShea New Member

    I am a consultant and I have been having trouble with faxing from my home. I looked into many of the fax to email services. I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good virtual fax service.
  2. JES873

    JES873 New Member

    I actually found a great site, it's They have one of the cheapest rates out there and it is really easy to use. And all my emails go directly into my email box. You should really try them. Hope this helps.
  3. gary99

    gary99 New Member

    I use eFax, mostly because it's free to use for receiving faxes, and you get your own number, no extension or anything. I don't do a lot of faxing, but it works fine for me.

  4. JadeShea

    JadeShea New Member

    With I also get my own fax number, and there isn't a restriction on how many faxes I can get a month. Plus, the price is only half the price of eFax.
  5. bill54321

    bill54321 New Member is another service that is in the $5/month range. These services are getting very inexpensive.

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