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Discussion in '1StepSystem' started by comet0707, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. comet0707

    comet0707 New Member

    Is it possible to transfer your ISS membership to someone else if something comes up and you can't continue to work the business?

    Thanks, Arliene
  2. made2prosper

    made2prosper New Member

    that is a good question. You should log a ticket in your backoffice and ask. I wouldn't see why not if that other person takes over your monthly payments?
  3. TopMentor

    TopMentor New Member

    What you can do is just enter a different payment method.

    For example... if you are accepting paypal just change the address to the new person's email address... this is a simple solution! Of course I would also submit a support ticket as well.

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