Questions For Those In Coastal (WYCS) and GRN (MyGlobalSales)

Discussion in 'Global Resorts Network' started by OnMyWayToWealth, Jun 26, 2008.

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    Hi All,

    I am pretty sure many of you belong to either Coastal or GRN, or both. I have a great and very feasible idea for promoting both Coastal (WYCS) and GRN (MyGlobalSales) in a tightly focused niche market. I am going to use the call centers but I have many questions that I need to ask before I join:

    -Can you add you own lead capture pages to these marketing systems? (I like the lead capture pages I've seen but I would like to tweak them a bit to focus on my target market)

    -Can you redirect lead capture pages to your OWN website or does it have to be the website you get when you sign up for the opportunities? (I like the websites WYCS and MyGlobalSales offer, I just want to be more original in my approach to prospects because there are tons of the same exact site online. I figure I can stand out, if I build a unique website)

    -Do these systems have websites that promote the business opportunity as well as JUST the product? And if they don't yet, will they ever? (the reason I ask that is because you can't just "sell" business opportunities and not focus on selling the actual product)

    I will have thousands more questions soon! So get ready everyone!
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    Hi Brittni!
    Great to see you back on the forum![​IMG]

    Ok, Let's take these one at a time.

    -You can create your own lead capture page and have it forward to your main marketing page with WCYS or MGS. The only thing would be that you would have to do your own autoresponder because they would not be opting into the current autos included with the system. Many "Big Dogs" in both GRN and CV used their own sites exclusively and didn't use the replicated sites at all except to have around to refer to while coaching others to use them. There might be a way to insert the code for the opt in form that I don't know about and I will ask the web guru for both WCYS and MGS to see what I can find out.

    -I think I answered both your first and second questions in the one above. Yes you can have your own website and direct traffic there.

    WCYS doesn't have a retail site but MGS does have a stand alone system called Welcome to Global that is basically the same as the MGS site but it doesn't mention the call center. It still talks about the business but doesn't mention anything about the call center. I think the price is about $30 a month for that. There are other good retail systems that are available for GRN such the one I use done by priceless possibilities. You can see mine by going to familiesonvacation dot com.
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    Hi my team focuses on personal branding for Global Resorts.
    This helps you stand out from the herd.
    Your automated system and personal branded capture page work hand in hand. I give all my new partners their own personally branded pages. [​IMG]

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