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Discussion in 'Raising Kids' started by mariacaniedo, May 10, 2011.

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    Raising Kids is not easy it is not only feeding them,giving milk by bottle or breast feeding but it is How to develop them into a man.that you will have to raise them with Good Values.

    Values in Physical,Spiritual, Moral ,Political and Social aspects.There are parents that they do not know what are the proper ways of raising their kids,that what they have in their mind is just to feed them and never mind what will be their future .There comes in the role of the parent in raising their kids.

    There are factors to be consider in raising Kids .As parent of the four children i always set my mind on things needed to be a responsible parent.,because we are all accounted of what might happened to them whether that is good or bad thus,every steps they take are the look out of parents.
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  2. Lkneff

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    Is the little ones get older they look towards their parents in what they should do. They learn from watching us... Some parents anymore are to envolved in hanging out with their friends or going out with others to bars.

    When you became a parent that means its time to grow up and act like a parent.

    Ever since my kids were born I havent had a chance to go out. Probly cause I also have no help in raising them, but every day im with them and teaching them and they a smart lil ones, plus they have manners.
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  3. weblogger

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    The economy is not good and it is affecting moms in particular in raising their kids. Its time to work smart and hard..

    Put in the extra hours and think about cutting costs too [​IMG]
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    I agree with weblogger about the economy. It is forcing some parents to work longer hours because they lost good paying jobs and had to take lower paying ones. In turn, they don't have as much time and energy to offer guidance to their kids.

    Children are often the forgotten victims of a recession, even if both parents are still working and they have a roof over their head.
  5. Joseph M. Ortiz

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    I agree with weblogger , working parents don't get enough time to look properly to their kids.

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