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Discussion in 'Raising Kids' started by WealthBroker, Aug 30, 2012.

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    My wife and I have been jointly working from home for about a year now. The quality time we have with our children now is awesome. As we have been working on our own self-improvement/mind set, we've noticed that our children have been picking up the entrepreneur spirit as well. Our 5yr old sits in our office with us, leap frog laptop in hand, and "works" checking his emails and sending out documents. Our 9yr old has been showing an interest in property flipping recently and our 14yr old is the high school Candy Man.

    What are some of the things your children express interest in?
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    I love working from home, getting to spend all day with my kids has been great. Lately my oldest (age 3) has started pretending sending emails, and typing up documents. She says all parents should work from home, trying to get my husband to give it a try!
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    I also agree. Working from home provides so many benefits including more time with family. I love that extra time at home!
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    That is so awesome! I love having my husband and myself working from home now. We have a 10 month old son and an 11 year old who is my stepson and lives out of state. Ever since I came into my stepsons life (when he was 7 years old) he has always been very interested in the idea that I own my own business. He thinks it is SO COOL! Haha! He also benefited from it as well since I could be home with him where as before he spent his time here with his dad mostly at daycare. As fort eh 9 month old he loves hanging out with Dad and I when we work, he too has a leapfrog laptop and his own cell phone (toy) that he does "work" on and this summer when my stepson comes to stay he is going to LOVE having us all together as a family everyday! It has been such a blessing or our family to have the opportunity to make a living from home where we can be home building relationships with our children ;)
  5. My niece heard me talking to a client and now is mimicking me when she is in front of her laptop. :)
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