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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by luis84, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. luis84

    luis84 New Member

    I noticed that there are Ranks, I am currently a Rank 2. This week of work I had a sched. adherence of 105% (Goal is 80), I had a productivity of 92.58% (Goal is 90), my show up rate is 100, and my APO % is 55.87 (Goal is 15) and my short read is 0 (Goal is 0% or less).

    What do I have to do to become a Rank 1? Sustain good stats for a prolonger period or? I have no idea...
  2. cielarski

    cielarski New Member

    First 2 weeks they keep you at Rank 2 no matter what, after the initial 2 weeks you earn your rank.

    I don't know why people get all hot and bothered about going up in rank, why would you even want to get more calls..the money you make will be the same, well unless your state min. wage is really low like 5.5 an hour then maybe it would be worth taking back to back calls. There aren't even any real commission programs. For me, a perfect day would be no calls at all so I can chill do my thing and let the money come in instead of running out of breath doing upsells and earning the same money. Think about it.
  3. luis84

    luis84 New Member

    Here min is 7.25 so it's a considerable bit more potneital to be back 2 back.
  4. wife2mikejh

    wife2mikejh New Member

    same here in SC
  5. cielarski

    cielarski New Member

    I guess I am not seeing the math you guys are. 7.25/hr is your min. wage. Talk time is .15/min. So lets consider that you do the MAXIMUM talk time of 55minutes in 1 hour doing back to backs (if that's even possible) = 8.25 for the hour, that is 1 dollar more. Keep in mind that this is ONLY if you are absolutely MAXED with back to back calls in the hour without any break to even breathe. Is that 1 dollar an hour worth it? Maybe it is I am not one to judge just wondering if you guys have thought through the math yourselves... or maybe I am missing something?

    Maybe if talk time was .30/min, there would be some real motivation.. but otherwise I don't see why you'd wanna kill yourself over a POTENTIAL extra dollar in an hour.
  6. luis84

    luis84 New Member

    Calls at west are fun, back to back is no problem, and it just got that way for me, I didn't have to wait....

    I logged in this morning and I am Rank 1.
  7. CarolinaGuy1979

    CarolinaGuy1979 New Member

    wife2mikejh what part of SC are ya from? I am also from SC near the Rock Hill area.
  8. New2WAH

    New2WAH New Member

    test ...been locked out
  9. luis84

    luis84 New Member

    Well, your not locked out now! So I am on my first shift as a rank 1. It's alot busier but still not that busy, but hey, i work night shifts so ... you know.
  10. New2WAH

    New2WAH New Member

    Hi all - been locked out of here..... DR is going well .... I need to head back to My Productivity tonight to see if my feedback is posted for a very nice call yet.

    I am selling the heck out of the upsells, meeting or exceeding all the goals - so where is my comssions.....

    Its great to have a check for $190 on the way though for DR training and one week of work[​IMG]
  11. CarolinaGuy1979

    CarolinaGuy1979 New Member

    Hey Cathy I was wondering what has happened to you [​IMG]
  12. wife2mikejh

    wife2mikejh New Member

    carolinagut im in marion, near myrtle beach
  13. kittycd

    kittycd New Member

    I totally agree. Just give me no calls and just pay me for browsing the net, watching tv or whatever. I've been with west for over a year now and i have NEVER made over my State minimum wage. One day you may have calls back to back for 30 mins then the next 30 mins you won't have any calls. So the end result is that you still made less than min wage if you are paid by the min. So west will pay you on what is higher which is usually in my case (always) the State minimum wage.
  14. luis84

    luis84 New Member

    Kitty, what is your state min wage, here it's 7.25. Either way, I can survive off what I make.

    I noticed there is a 30 hour limit though weekly, I guess you'd have to get 2 skills to be able to get more than 30 hours? Well sometimes they let you 40, but even so....

    If you had 2 skills, you could max 1 out then work more, I have seen various people with multiple skills....

    Kitty, do you have multiple skills or have they never offered you another?
  15. star75074

    star75074 New Member

    kittycd, u are absolutely right. in my state, the min is $7.25. it clearly says by west (DR) that the pay is 0.15 w/c is $9/hr if got call for 60 mins. but in my year working for west, i never get that rate...so i'd rather not get a call than tiring myself off for jst a min wage.

    luis84, u made me laugh man! it seems like u are so motivated and excited like a little boy..i wonder, is this ur first job? i mean, this work is just for extra...a little shopping. and it's just during nov, dec and first part of january. get real! u cannot pay ur bills with this job..just like right now, u can hardly find available hours. and west dont offer another skills...they would rather hire a new one. i've been on rank 1 once...but what for?

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