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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by Vishal P. Rao, Dec 19, 2005.

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    1) Please check using forum search function to see if a business opportunity has already been reviewed.

    2) Please stay on topic. Posts meant to hijack users from the original topic will be removed. For example, if the discussion is on company X, no posts will be made regarding Y company.

    3) Do not start multiple topics on the same business opportunity/programs.

    4) Posts that serve primarily to drive visitors to their affiliate link, in disguise of requesting for a review will not be entertained. So please do not include sentences like, please have a look at the opportunity in my signature.

    5) To post an opportunity for a review, post the company name in the topic title. This enables members to search fast for companies that have been reviewed.

    6) End your post with the generic url of the opportunity/program home page (no affiliate IDs).

    7) No pre-launches please.

    8) No team related discussions.

    9) And finally, let the review be like a review, in your own words and not a sales letter that is lifted from the company's website or looks more like a sales pitch.

    Reviews violating the above rules will be removed immediately.

    Please restrict your views/opinions to the program/opportunity itself and not towards any individual. Posts containing remarks towards any individual will be removed.

    Here's a sample review:

    Title: Lawn Chair Millionaire

    I'm just wondering if any of you guys have heard about Lawn Chair Millionaire? The name kind of threw me off because it sounds like one of those get rich schemes, but I've seen quite a few of the internet marketing Guru's promoting it like crazy.

    Generic url:

    Here's another one:

    Title: Real Time Pain Relief - Free Sample program

    I first tried a free sample of Real Time Pain Relief a few months ago because they even paid the postage, no credit card required, no auto-ship, no obligation, just a "try it, you'll buy it" attitude. So I did and I loved it and became a distributor a month ago.

    They give you 20 free samples to give away plus an affiliate website to send people to to get a free postage paid sample or buy. They become your registered customer for life, earning you residual income for a long time. Plus when they use your "Bonus Gift Code 4224" RTPR will send them extra sample packs with your code on them. That means your customer can share samples with their friends and you get a new customer.

    So far in a month I've sold 4 jars at $24.95 on-line at 20% commission plus 4 jars personally for 50% profit. I bought an 8 jar + 50 samples distributor package so I would have plenty of Real Time Pain Relief on hand for myself and my friends. I use it on my whole body from head to toe, thanks to 57 years of hard living.

    You don't have to buy anything, they will send you 20 samples to start plus at least 20 more each month you have sales of at least $50. Minimum payout is $10 which is easy to achieve in my experience. I have given out over 50 samples, 3 at a time, and have people asking for more, which of course means sales without the selling!

    Oh, and you can turn your customers into distributors and earn 5% commissions on their sales. One level deep, not MLM, just those you sign up to be distributors. So far in one month I have 4 sub-distributors and a retail outlet that will stock jars to sell.

    RTPR seems to be a real home based business anyone can do, both on-line and off. What do you think? Anyone else tried a free sample or promoted ?
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    thank you
  3. Michael Andy

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    Thank you for sharing these important steps for any posting in this forum.
  4. AnneSamantha

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    Vishal - I have just seen "Title: Real Time Pain Relief - Free Sample program" you mentioned, do you promote it as their website asks who recommended? My 96 yr old mother has crippling arthritis maybe it would help? Is it in the uk or does it have to come from the USA Many thanks. Can you tell me any more about it anf your current experience please.

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