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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by weblly123, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. weblly123

    weblly123 New Member

    I am looking into a job processing rebates and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about doing that, if its legit or not. The web site I am thinking about is any information would be helpfull thank you.
  2. monstorball

    monstorball New Member

    I have been looking at that web site also. So far, the only thing I can see is that they require the initial downpayment, with out much of a guarantee.

    I am keeping my eye open for ones that are free, or have less of a down payment, or a better guarantee.

    Having said that, I really dont see anything wrong with this website.
  3. Chaz T

    Chaz T New Member

    Keep us updated on the situation weblly123
  4. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I'm extremely leary of these kinds of "opportunities". First its tuffing envelopes. Then its data entry. And now rebate processing? What will they think of next - cow tipping jobs from home? The sad thing is people might actually buy into it...
  5. Rickz

    Rickz New Member

    Hi friends, I just sent this questions to the company and here are the responses. At least, they are honest.

    Hello friends, just two questions:

    1.- Will I need to generate my own customers or will you really been updating my account 24/7 ? Sorry, but I'd been in other programs, and they tell you they will update your account and at the end you need to do the advertisements and/or stuff envelopes and generate your own clients

    2.- How much time, in average, will take me processing each rebate?

    3.- Do you have any money back guarantee?

    Thank you.

    You would need to set ads with your special ID attached to it offering a
    rebate. When someone buys the product from a ad that has your ID, you
    get a commission and send the rebate using paypal.

    Sorry the fee is non refundable. This is a digital product and there is
    no way to return information once it has been received.

    Jenny Darro
    Customer Service

    I found this website today. Most of what it has seems trusty [Link removed - Admin]

    And, of course, I can't miss sending my blog:
    [Link removed - Admin]
  6. arizona

    arizona New Member

    There is a place here in Tempe, AZ, called CPG Inc. that handles rebates. They have an office as well as work at home people. Although I haven't worked there personally, I do have a couple of friends who are/have been employed there and they are real happy with that place.
  7. rocky1121

    rocky1121 New Member

    i am also looking at rebate processing & wondering if it is for real or not. i keep getting the same website, when i do a general search for work at home jobs and rebate processing, and that is "
  8. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I think that if you actually go to the office of the company and they get you to do this for them from home then that sounds great and legit.

    Now, if you find a company like this online and they require an upfront fee, then you will know for sure that they are probably a scam.

    Many people do this online. They look for people who are desperate to make some extra money and are looking for something like this. It is more like a fisherman knowing that there are fish in the lake and the fish will eat what ever they fisherman puts on his hook.

    This is something that many who come here need to know.

    If you are looking for a processing rebate job online and the company wants you to pay them a fee upfront, then a red flag should come up for you.

  9. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Most of these companies are not legitimate or make unrealistic claims.
  10. SigmaChiMom

    SigmaChiMom New Member

    I live in Mesa Arizona. I worked for a company called CPG "Continental Promotions Group" based in Tempe, AZ. I had to go to their Tempe office 2 times a week to pick up mail. They paid me .15 per rebate that I processed. I was making around $500 per month, then they changed the pick-up schedule and we had to make the trip 3 times a week. I was driving 30 miles round trip 2 times a week so when they changed it to 3 times per week it just wasn't worth it to me. I loved processing the rebates and would love to work for them again if they would go back to 2 days a week picking up the mail.
  11. bjtinney

    bjtinney New Member

    SigmaChiMom -

    It's always nice to hear from the voice of experience!!

    So how many hours did it take to earn $500 per month?

    If you are filling out forms, are the rebates grouped by city or state to make it easier? Or is it really time comsuming to enter the data or are they organized?

    Thanks for the information!
  12. bob022

    bob022 New Member

    Digital products don't cost a thing to produce. I'm not sure if the company is legit or not, but, I never pay anyone to work for them and neither should you.

    Have a nice day,

    VENUSSORBIT New Member

  14. missy07

    missy07 New Member

    Hi I got an e-mail for rebate processing. It's by a lady named Angel Stevens. I've never seen this site before. I was wondering if anyone has heard of her or new anything about her business. Here is her website
  15. forrestzoo

    forrestzoo New Member

    I have been a merchandisor and mystery shopper for several years and whenever I see an ad that you can sign up with a compnay for a fee I know to stay clear. I also got the "email" from Angel Stevens (though I call it phishing) and though I didn't read all of it I did see it required a fee so I cam e here to see what it was about. So now I will researched Tempe AZ!!!
  16. cookiebaker

    cookiebaker New Member

    I also received the Angel Stevens email. Funny, for someone who has made a name for herself I can't seem to google her with any luck.
  17. itstrader

    itstrader New Member

    Sniff, sniff...scam Angel, tsk, tsk.
  18. jazzyjade

    jazzyjade New Member

    hi guys,
    i'm glad i didn't sign up with that rebate processing crap.
    does anyone know how legit the mystery shoppers are or if you can even make money at them?
  19. faazid

    faazid New Member

    well is the Angel Stevens processor a Scam or not
  20. Pudgy Patsy

    Pudgy Patsy New Member

    To jazzyjade,

    I have been mystery shopping for over three years and have made or been reimbursed for dinner or shopping, well over $20,000. It is not a scam. There are over 300 legitimate mystery shopping companies out there. I belong to somewhat of a clearing house, that I pay for to get emails sent to me, but if I wanted to spend my time contacting each and every mystery shopping company out there, I would not be paying a dime for the service. I pay a small fee per year to get hundreds of emails sent to me each week. I love what I do and I can pick and choose what assignments interest me and what doesn't. Try contacting a company and apply. It is fun and rewarding.

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