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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Naturalady, Jan 28, 2015.

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    I work in dirext sales providing cosmetics and skin care and we're swarmed with women. I'd like to take a different spin on things to bring more men into the business. Any tips on how to do this?

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    More men then ever are jumping into the anti aging arena, so never exclude men from your business if it provides an effective good unscented face cream, as example. Most cosmetics get me sick as I am allergic to the many scents, and even the best perfumes will instantly make me sneeze for an hour or longer if I cannot escape the odor. Not knowing what you are selling, I don't think a pink jar of anti aging face cream is going to fly with most men I know. Of course, the growing gay population where men like to be pretty may be your only niche. Go to a gay bar and offer free facials, could be a niche you hadn't thought of. Again, not knowing your product line, this is not easy to offer advice on, but breaking into mens safety zone is not easy when it comes to cosmetics. How many men have you seen selling Avon as example? But think about it, how many men use a moisturizer, usually unscented as I use, so you would have to have a manly looking product, perhaps a jar in a military camo jar. lol

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    Thanks for the reply YAGOOFT. I guess I need take a stab at targeting when it comes to selling to and sponsoring men. Lucky for my company the skin care line is not pink and! We have simple packaging clear bottling. Very unisexlook. Our entire line is of natural ingredients and not beer scented at all. I guess in sponsoring the right guy, I'm looking to find the "business type" guy that would sell anything. Ya knoe, the flee market hustler kind of guys. Ha! Thanks for the advice.
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    Just a show of the packpackaging. I think its done nicely to accommodate the unisex option.

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    When you are prospecting you should be able to get a feel of how you should present your business to them. Whether it be the product or the business side. Since you are talking about getting more men in into your business one way you could do it is by leading with the business side of things. Or if during your conversation you get a feel that the product would benefit them more go with that.

    I know a few years ago I joined a skin care company. The person that introduced me to it lead with the biz oppourtunity.

    When it comes down to making money most men won't care if it's a skin care or not.
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    When there's a way to make a dollar, everybody will be interested regardless of gender (or lack thereof). With equality sweeping the nation, more and more people will be less prone to be hesitant as the so-called gender norm restrictions foisted on them in the days of old are swept away into the dustbin of history. Capitalize on the trends, be creative as you are now. Perhaps target areas and demographics that are in demand for such products. I am sure you will find it in more places than you think.
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    Tell the wives to tell their husbands to get involved too.

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