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Discussion in 'ASD - Ad Surf Daily' started by FredrickFremont, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. FredrickFremont

    FredrickFremont New Member

    I'm having a hard time finding certain info on sponsoring. Namely, how do I get credit for referrals?

    If I send an email to my list, which has a link pointing to do I have to go through the company to get that website?

    Or, can I just make up my own website for (containing the final "Join" button to take them to the sign-up form where the Sponsor info has defaulted, etc.)?

  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    FF - if you haven't signed up yet, you can do so for free... and then you will get a referal number and link for others to sign up thru - but I am assuming you probably did that already.

    You can also make a small splash page with something like google page creator and then have the link on there...

    I only have a free account as I am still waiting to see if people actually get paid. So far most people are sticking everything back into ad packs and that is why there is such a frenzy when things aren't clear.

    I would be careful about putting thousands into ad packs as a way to make money until you know they are paying out like they promise... sounds like a lot of money that needs to be paid out here fairly soon by them[​IMG]
  3. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    Hi There

    Just one thing

    When you join Free - you will get a referral link that takes people through to your joiningpage.

    If you are making your own splash page - make sure you follow the company guidelines - in the ToC, and The news Site - under Updates and get the necessary approvals. Our advertising has to conform with ASD standards. They are very clear on this.

    Have fun with AdSurfDaily and enjoy your advertising and earning. This is no typical online set up. They are a very special company to work with!

  4. monds6

    monds6 New Member

    Hey Mountainmom5, I am new to this forum, so I think this is only my second post, but my inviter has taken out over six figures in his pocket in ASD, so they do pay.

    Of course you could be referring to the backlog of payments due now. They stated on Tuesday's conference call, that they hope to be caught up in two weeks.
  5. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    Hi Monds6,

    Yes they did and do pay.

    I just got off the phone with my own sponsor who was very happy to have received two large cheques in the post this morning!!

  6. WhiteSox

    WhiteSox New Member

    Boy I wish that somehow this lasts for a while. Everyone seems to be crossing their fingers that the money they spent in ad packs will grow and eventually return them a lot of money (in the form of Large Checks) as most people are attesting to. Of course these are people who got in early and are riding the wave of new money pouring in now. It's not rocket science that it can only go so far until (1) it crashes due to poor technical leadership or (2) gets to the point (and it will) where the daily % will be more reflective of the real money coming in. My guess doing the math is maybe a few more months. I'm hoping until December! Kudos to those who got in early and are singing the praises of ASD. I am a member and in the beginning was caught up in the hype of the program and immediatley wanted to run out and put a large chunk in to not only have my site's viewed, but accrue at least 1% daily compounded. Boy I saw dollar signs! After joining small to play around a few weeks and seeing the technical issues that are so rampant and especially how difficult it is to SEND money in! Kind of funny how people are climbing on each other and begging to please take their money now and ASD makes it about as difficult as possible. It's really kind of amazing. I say if you put in what you can afford to do without and realize that it might just end up to be entertainment for the % of us who joined late, it's all good. If you put in your savings in the hope you will be a millionaire, you deserve what you get if you lose. Remember that the only real way to make money is to compound daily and build it up. If you gamble too long before you start cashing out you might have 100K or even 500K in there doing nothing. If anyone can come up with any type of logical explanation of how ASD can possibly pay out 1% daily past even a few months with the money that needs to come in to do it, I think 80K people will let out a sigh of relief. Me included! Happy surfing and enjoy the fun everyone. My fingers are crossed too.
  7. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    As long as there are Reginal Rallies, there will be payments. They can't schedule and do big rallies and not pay...that is one cue...
  8. asdabq

    asdabq New Member


    Enjoyed your read!

    I am trying to take out $100 now 7Jul08, faxed my W-9 in last Monday (30 Jun) and still shows "No w-9 on file". Funny how I read so many posts about sponsors assuring prospects that they have already taken out thousands!

    Tried to refax most of Sunday, fax was busy as usual all day until afternoon when it just rang with no busy tone, out of paper or HD space.

    For a company this size, that expected growth from day one, and now has their wish, the technical side of this is pizzpoor!

    I run a Ma & Pa website and can change anything, ftp it up and it's online within minutes, not hours, or days or weeks.

    If anyone ever has the mental bandwidth to start something like this again, from new, I want to be first on the list to be the Tech person for the operation. This bothers me so! For a company that brings in MILLIONS, probably close to "B" and can't get an operational staff is not unfathomable, are they short resources to hire additional staff? No temp agencies in FL? Closed on weekends/holidays?

    My main employment is IT/Engineering at a TV station and it is a 24/7 operation, as should this be. My own staff would have this working the same day. Why can't this? If we took off weekends and something broke Friday evening, we would be out of earnings (commercials) for an entire weekend, viewers would complain like crazy to miss the Wimbledon, or any programming that they watch. Well, doesn't that happen here?

    I sure would like to be more optimistic, but so many technical plagues is unbelievable. There are devices that can route a single (fax) number to as many machines as need be. Can't afford fax distribution?

    My fingers are crossed! I sure would hate to be that one lonely fax machine at ASD!

  9. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    "Funny how I read so many posts about sponsors assuring prospects that they have already taken out thousands!"

    Well funnily enough when I was on the phone to my own sponsor a couple of days ago, talking about the support issues, she had in her hand two cheque that had arrived in the mail that morning from ASD.

    People are being paid. The bottlenecks are the problem

    Well, they have added a large number of support staff and will soon be up to nearly 100. BUT, they are being trained. And yes they got their wish - growth - but the speed of the growth has taken everyone aback, including them. As someone already commented, it is NOT good business practice to put in extra staff for growth that is not anticipated "just in case".

    I think that during this month, we will see solutions to the payout problems when the International Debit Card is introduced and when new systems brought in by the new CFO and new Complaince Officer are introduced.

    The additional work for them with the new compliance rules is not helping. And I dont know many member sites who are increasing membership numbers by 10,000 in just over a week (there are now over 80,000 members!!) who expect their members to be IRS compliant!!

    Hard enough for an IT company, but for a company whose strength is advertising.........

    But we all put up with it, because we earn good money with them and the company has so much integrity that it is a (sometimes frustrating) pleasure to work with them.
  10. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    ONE fax number for 70,000+ members.
  11. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    I think you will find that they have more than one line!

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