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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by rvlady, Feb 25, 2013.

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    I found a class for Intro to E-commerce I am going to take. I have taken quiet a few excellent classes that will give me a firm foundation for my own business as well. My community college doesn't have a lot of classes directly related to E-commerce or Affiliate Mkting etc. I am lined up for an Accounting class that will give me a lot of information that I know will help me.

    I wondered if any of you have any ideas on what I might take (if I haven't already) that would help in my developing an online business? I am swinging towards Affiliate Marketing because I don't want to deal with shipping product, storing product, etc. I really wanted to take a specific Marketing course but so far I don't see one at my school (most of the classes they have for marketing I have already taken, at least similar). Denise

    PS I started out wanting to get a degree in Medical Administrative Assistant but I have worked for others all my life and "changed horses" about halfway through the 2 years. I am so glad each class I took will help me in all aspects of work though:)
  2. Just2EZ

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    You could take on-line courses more specific to your interest.
    Most major universities have on-line degrees available now.
    Not an endorsement but one of the ads you see on this site:
    Just an example of what is available to those who want schooling.
    Check your state universities for on-line programs in your area.
  3. rvlady

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    Thank you much but I am done with school in June. I have taken all I want so far but Spring Term is open and I can only attend here. I do take online when I can because I learn more on my own. Showed myself I am a self-starter and have become a great organizer and know I can do an online business, because of the success I've had at school.

    One thing is that I am 60 now. I want to just work, that's it, have something I can do each day but earn a little money as well would be nice. I also like to write so that part of the website should be something I can handle as well. I also have photos to spruce up my site. Both the classes I am signed up for so far are online. The e-commerce I am really excited about as well as the accounting (refresher course on that since I've worked in accounting in my past).

    Thank you again and I will keep the link you sent for future reference. Also, I may want to share it with someone that wants to take more schooling:) denise

  4. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    I'm right behind you, only a few more months to 60.
    It's all downhill from there!:)
  5. rvlady

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    boy I hope so:) Well, I have become much more relaxed in my "older" age just want to enjoy whatever work I am doing. I worked for others so many years, I know most people here will understand that.

  6. rvlady

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    Hi again EZ:) I just completed some research on what classes are available to me for Spring Term. There are actually 2 others I found that I have the pre-requisites for and they both have "intro to html" which I would like to have that knowledge. I want CSS too but just wrote to the CIS instructor to ask him if any of his classes include CSS. I'm bouncing all over the place with this SBI thing or doing my own thing, LOL! denise
  7. Just2EZ

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    I won''t knock SBI, their system has helped many.
    It is a step by step plan which many prefer to have.
    On the other hand there are plenty of free WordPress guides.
    SBI provides a clear guide but you still have to put in the effort.
    It just depends on how much you want to spend to get started.
    Under $100/yr or $300/yr, the results are still up to you.
  8. rvlady

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    Thanks EZ, thought I had replied here but looks like I didn't. I could go either way at this point, with the cost. Like you said though, I still have to do the work. I can't say I don't "feel" like a literal step-by-step lead wouldn't be the best way to go. I still haven't gotten over to Wordpress to see what they have yet but I will. I have some knowledge of building a website but no html or css at this point. After Spring Term I will have though. I understand, if I am understanding, SBI continues to charge you each month but I also see that includes your hosting and domain name? Anyway, I guess just more research. Like most people, I want to start earning money yesterday but of course I can only imagine how many hours a day I will need to put in before I even make a buck;)

    Probably my best asset at this point is that I am really good at organizing my time, and again, a self-starter. Taking online courses has shown me I can do that. Making my own schedule is a must I am sure with online biz:)

    Denise PS Thank you again for your input, always appreciated:)

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