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    Uinvest is sort of like a Stock Exchange in that it offers Businesses money by using investors World Wide. There are multiple income streams that you can have with Uinvest. One of those is just investing in a Business and get 10-20% per share that you buy of a company. The Second way is to be an Agent of Uinvest (Glorified Referrer). This allows you to get 15% of Clients deposits and 5% of each clients Dividends that you bring to uinvest. Pretty lucrative! There is another way as well which allows you to bring Uinvest Businesses that require money.

    Uinvest makes money by providing businesses Money through investors and then taking 10% off the top of the specified Dividend that the company is providing for you. Uinvest also has a Share exchange where other Investors can sell their shares both back to Uinvest or among other investors. Each share sold gives Uinvest $1 + 1%.

    All in all I think this is quite an investment company!

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    This does look like a great company for those that are into the stock market. I was researching the company I am with JustBeenPaid at the following site and happend to notice univest was right near the top in ranking on

    Currently listed in the 3rd spot:


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