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  1. M1733

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    I've been reviewing (some of the reviews on other Sites) and also reading up on this. Opinions vary - but most are positive. Has anyone out there actually INSTALLED this technology on their vehicle? Does it actually work? Any long term effects to the engine, etc.?



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  2. PNL Travel

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    That website didn't come up for me. Is this the same as water4gas? If it is, my husband is building a few units to put on our vehicles and test now.

    I'll let you know...
  3. M1733

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    water4gas is a different website - and according to one review is more expensive and not as user friendly.

    Here is the link for the website I was speaking of:

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    If the link doesn't work I suggest typing in Denny Klein (the inventor) and / or water for gas or something smilar as key words. The key is the inventor's name to make sure you have the correct website.

    Here's another interesting tidbit I just stumbled upon

    Yes please let me know how your husbands kits work out!


  4. PNL Travel

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    Hi Mike,

    It looks pretty similar. They are both converting H2O to HHO in the end. The cost to make it looks the same also. I'm really not the mechanical one - that's why this is my husbands thing!

    The only difference that I saw (and I may have just missed this) is the updates. It looks like you are buying the ebook and that's it. There is actual technical support if you need it and once you buy the book you get any updates there may be with water4gas.

    If you have specific questions, just pm me and I will get them to Scott (my husband) for you!

  5. Marktech

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    Honestly, If there were really anything out there like that - that worked - would the oil companies not squelch it pretty quick?
  6. M1733

    M1733 New Member

  7. phydeaux

    phydeaux New Member

    I would reeeaallllly like these products to work but unfortunately ithey probably don't.

    The reasons they probably don't are as follows.

    The hydrogen converter relies on the cars battery to supply current. As the battery drains and the voltage drops the car's voltage regulator will kick in extra coils in the car's alternator to create more current to charge the battery. This increases the altenators load on the car's engine.

    Unfortunate the extra load on the engine will be far greater than the extra power created by the hydrogen. This is because of the following:

    1. The electrically energy produced by the alterator is less than the energy drain on the engine.
    2. Energy is again lost converting the electricity energy to chemical engery stored in the HHO.
    3. Energy is again lost converting the chemical energy to mechanical energy when the Hydrogen is burnt.

    As you can see there is a net energy loss at each stage and the system is draining energy from the car. Sad, but unfortunately true.

    I'd be more than happy to be proved wrong.
  8. mdotwhite

    mdotwhite Guest

    The thought of running my car on water totally scares me to death.
  9. Homeboy

    Homeboy New Member

    mdotwhite: The thought of running my car on water totally scares me to death.

    Lollll, why on earth?!?! [​IMG]

    Personally I think it sounds great, but according to Phydeaux it can't work, so no point getting our hopes up... [​IMG]

    Hmm.....but what if we attached little wind turbines onto the car somewhere to generate the extra energy needed to keep the battery charged? [​IMG] [​IMG]

    OPELGENT New Member

    I bought the runyourcarwithwater for 49.97, got the manual o.k.
    read the entire thing, very poorly written, hard to understand,
    doesn't explain what the different parts do, illustrations aren't very good, they say you can build it for less than 150.00, if you build it as they describe it will be more than 700.00. some items are hard to get. I've e-mailed them 3 times with no reply yet. Don't waste your money unless they can explain why the big difference in cost of building it. Tom.
  11. Ozma

    Ozma New Member

    That would be so great... I have a friend who is trying to make his car run on water. I hope it works. I remember seeing a guy on TV not too long ago who got his car to run on water. But he was like "yeah i don't care if the car companies buy it from me, whatever". So... so long to that... but... if my brother can figure out any of the manuals out there... I might give it a shot in my car. :p
  12. ljeb

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    It can be done. You are simply adding another fuel (a mixture of 2:1 Hydrogen and Oxygen gas) to your engine. So for you to see an increase in gas mileage, you have to adjust your car to send less gasoline to the cylinders and you have to add HHO gas to your engine in its place. Most people only are only building HHO generators that produce around 1 liter of gas per minute. The increase in mileage depends on how much HHO you can produce and how well you can tune your engine. If you can produce enough HHO per minute you could turn off the supply of gasoline and only burn HHO. Type "HHO" or "HHO generator" into youtube and you will see how some are made and how much gas some are producing.
  13. 040107

    040107 Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG] looks more professional but
    it doesn't give any specifics. on the other hand doesn't look as
    professional but it goes into more specifics. It has some pictures of
    the parts needed and pictures of cars that have been modified to
    run on water and even has testimonials.

    There are also ready made systems and installation services for
    people who are not DIY type.

    Judging by the rising gas prices, this would definitely be worth trying.[​IMG]
  14. zeropoint

    zeropoint New Member

    Been getting emails about this recently, looks interesting...If it was workable....

    on this point:

    1. The electrically energy produced by the alterator is less than the energy drain on the engine.
    2. Energy is again lost converting the electricity energy to chemical engery stored in the HHO.
    3. Energy is again lost converting the chemical energy to mechanical energy when the Hydrogen is burnt.

    if these are eoual or greater than the hydrogen energy generated than yes this is not worth it but if the hydrogen generates more than these energy losses, and by how much, we may have something here......and point #1 sounds like a heavier duty alternator would be called for, otherwise no matter how much more power from the hydrogen is generated this is chemical energy not electrical and the car would not run.
  15. bmarley

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    I got scammed......
    I just bought the plan at

    I must say that hwat on those plan can't be made form your local hardware store. it is not well detail and explained.

    All that I can say is that feel really stupid..
    Plus the contact us email does not work at all.

    I'm willing to sahre free of charge those plan so that anyone can see
    the false advertisement.........

    This not a joke....

    B Marley
  16. fixit

    fixit New Member

    not to be mean, but your wrong about what the alternator is doing.

    The car uses as much energy splitting the H2o as it would burning just no point.

    the alternator turns on when the battery is low, the way it's hooked up to the engine has nothing to do with using any extra engine power

    The gears, belts, fans and everything els are already turning and all the alternator does is engage with one of the things already being it's not actually taking from the engine in any way [​IMG]
  17. mccartycustoms

    mccartycustoms New Member

    Hey, BMarley. . .

    I would love to take a look at that manual. I was reading up on it too and my husband is very mechincal. He'd know just by looking at it (depending on just how crudely the manual is written) if it would work. Send it to Thanks
  18. Acerdude

    Acerdude New Member

    Send me the manual if you would please before I spend $50 and then more on hardware.

  19. Crooow

    Crooow New Member

    I'd like to take a look at this manual and see what is involved. It does look like a scam... But, I'm curious about it none the less.

    If you are serious about sending out the manual, send to:
  20. M1733

    M1733 New Member

    bmarley -

    I too would be interested in the manual. Sounds like you are getting a fair amount of interest.

    Please send it to

    If we all work together on this maybe we can weed out the scam artists (and get lucky) and find a technology that actually works.

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