Rusty Can Fun Time help people that don't have up front Cash?

Discussion in 'Fun Time Vacation Club' started by Ardy, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Ardy

    Ardy New Member

    Rusty I am very new to Fun Time and I have a lot of people from Coastal that would like to have a home business in the travel field but don't have alot of ready cash. Is there any way that we here at Fun Time can help them to realize their dreams ?

    Ardythe Schouten
    Level 3 Director Coastal Vacations
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  2. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    thanks ARDY for the post. this is a great question that i get asked every day by people from alot of different businesses. not only can we help them get in coastal by way of funtime but we can help them stay in coastal . just like yourself and your team you have seen how using fun times business building and team building technics and residual income programs pay you alot of money each month while you are building whatever business you are in . it takes time to learn a business and time means money. alot of people jump into a program and dont relize all the costs that it takes to run that business before they start to make sales and that is a recipe for failure. a high percentage of people fail because they simply run out of money. as you know fun time pays you for using there product to help you build whatever buisness you are in so you have money comming in to supplement you while you build. as a super elite you now have access to all of our vacation vouchers and packages for FREE. many of our teams are putting together what we call welcome packages that you can give to people to help them get started in the buisness by giving people some FREE products you can help them earn income that they will be able to use to get started and it realy feels good to help someone.and remember when you give product away you are still getting paid the residual activation income so it is a win win . with the new condo program and new customer call you phone system you can also provide them with leads that they can use to generate contacts. i will do a post that will outline how that works and we will do training on this topic on tuesday nighs call also our 6 training calls a week give everyone alot of training and realy helps them learn the business fast. the call will be at 9 pm at 319-741-8000 pin # 1025286. keep up the great work you and your team are doing.
  3. Lovinlife

    Lovinlife New Member

    Hi Ardy,

    We actually have a young man that came in to Coastal with me last Summer and has not had the cash to get started with more leads.

    So to start him with Funtime, where we include the lead generation programs, I have purchased five condo cards for him to sell for a great commission.

    Therefore he will now have the money to start with Funtime this month, as a Super Elite. PLUS have the included leads coming in to help build his travel business.


    As soon as he starts with Funtime Vacations, the ability to print numerous certificates for resell will assure his quick financial success as he builds a team with residual income, for the future.

    Then the usage of the same certificates can be used to generate leads for the Coastal program too.

  4. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    Thanks for the post Paulett
    We have some teams in fun time that are also taking another aproach to helping people get into the business. this program dramaticaly helps them to be sucessful at there primary business and fun time .as your aware our fun time members which include people from companies like Coastal, YTB, Global, Prestege, Mini Vacs, Mary Kay, Amway,Prepaid Legal are doing all types of promotional activities all over the US . what they are doing is forming teams that they call (Wealth Sharing Teams )
    These are teams of people who work togeather as a group sharing day to day responsibilities as a team. they each have things that are a must to accomplish each day, week, month for example each person is responsible for 1 new business partner a month . doing one promotion a week that generates at least 100 leads so on and so on. as a group they share all the leads and all the wealth. theres alot more to it but what a great concept. alot of people need guidance and constant motivation and this concept provides everything they need and they feel part of something special. now that is a recipe for success. this group has ever pulled all there auto responders together which are generating a bunch of leads for them to share .
    keep up the great work you are doing and dont forget to get your team to the tuesday, thursday night calls. this weeks training is going to be incredible
  5. sportsnut

    sportsnut New Member

    Fun times new TEL PRO program is realy spreading throught the home based business arena.
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