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    Saveway Ltd. is a Bulgarian Company, which was established in order to satisfy all groups of people with a unified and innovative products for smart shopping.

    Anyone who wishes can develop your own business with the company that operates as a Multi Level Marketing.

    The company now operates a total of 14 European markets - Germany, Bulgaria , Spain, Turkey , Hungary, Great Britain, Greece , England , Serbia, France, Cyprus, Romania, Italy, the Netherlands.

    Central office in Berlin, Germany where he was officially registered under German law under the name Saveway International Holding GmbH.

    Every inhabitant of the above listed countries who want to develop their own business can join as a customer or business partner. At present, the development of markets outside Bulgaria , the main burden of promoting the company will fall business partners , who will have to present the idea of traders to join as traders in the platform and to work to promote the idea among people of these countries.

    Now is the moment if you are active and want to be able to achieve financial freedom to join a business that does not offer a product, and is aimed at all areas of everyday life.

    Saveway international

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