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  1. monds6

    monds6 New Member

    Hey Guys,

    I would like to start a discussion on Savings Highway. This is not an attempt to cleverly disguise this as a promotion. I am a member - I joined a little while ago, after I kissed my regenesis money goodbye. I have done a fair amount of research on this, spoken to the owner, and I have his full name and contact info... The company has been around for two years, and the highlights of he company is that involves three different memberships - bronze, silver, and gold.

    Each membership comes with more savings benefits. Here are some examples:

    $25 in FREE gas every month
    $25 in FREE Groceries every month
    Local Coupons through Entertainment book
    Plus...Family Legal Plan, Dental Plan, Visision & Prescription Plans
    Plus $25 rebates EVERY MONTH on purchases at WalMart, Target, Barnes & Noble, Toys R Us, Sears, Kohls and so more...

    It seems like a good product, as I have saved a ton of money already. I know there are a great deal of experienced marketers on here both affiliate and direct sales, and I would like their opinion of the program, as I am promoting it and I don't want to relive the regenesis fiasco. I want to make money and help others do the same.

    So please... I open this up to discussion, opinions, and feedback. I want to make sure I am putting others into something solid.

    The main site is at

    Thanks, Chris
  2. mellin

    mellin Member

    There is a monthly fee to this as well, correct? Are you saving enough to make up for that monthly fee? I know of someone whom I consider to be an experienced and successful marketer, and he is also in this program. I thought it sounded good from my conversation with him. That is just my opinion though, and I have no experience with this company to back that up.
  3. monds6

    monds6 New Member

    I have saved a great deal of money already. You need to take advantage of the membership. You get $25 a month in gas rebates and $25 a month in groceries as well as coupons, two for one coupons, discout gift certificates, as well as many more. I can give an example. I took my wife to her favorite restaraunt, got a $25 gift certificate for 2 bucks. I had to spend $35 to take advantage of the gift certificate. We always spend that much. I ended up spending 38 bucks minus the $25 and the two I already spent. So for I saved about 18-20 bucks on this outing. So yes you can save a lot if you use the membership.
  4. monds6

    monds6 New Member

    For those who want more information, there is an opportunity call tonite for Savings Highway

    Join Our Thursday Night Opportunity Call - "Retire Early with Savings Highway!"
    Thursday. July 30, 2009
    9pm est, 8pm cst, 7pm mst, 6 pm pst.
    Dial : 218-936-3860
    Conference ID: 2779552
  5. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    From what it sounds like , it is similar to the travel membership that I was part of for awhile.

    It did work, if you put in the effort it took to take advantage of the specials, coupons, gas vouchers, etc...

    Just make sure you have a clear understanding with your customers BEFORE they sign up how it all works, as there is sometimes a disillusion with what is considered FREE gas and groceries.

    With the free gas voucher that we had, we had to fill out a bunch of online surveys, and eventually you have to use a cc card as you run out of free surveys to do...

    The restaurant coupons were okay but we live in a remote area and have very few of the restaurants listed in our town...same with the groceries.

    We don't have the big chain stores that are included in the program...

    So I guess, my input is - keep it on the up and up ( don't try to sell people on something they may never use) and you should be fine.[​IMG]
  6. monds6

    monds6 New Member

    Hey Guys,

    For anyone looking for more information on Savings Highway, then listen to the MEET THE PRESIDENT CALL Tuesday Night with Steve Gresham at 9pm eastern!

    Conference Number: 218-936-3860
    Conference ID: 2779552

    Thanks, Chris
  7. heretohelp

    heretohelp New Member

    I have been in the program for about 5 months and have used many of the benefits already. Just the other day I had to have a prescription filled for my son who is to old to be covered by insurance I have at work. The pharmacist just took my Card and asked how long I had been a member of this plan. He was amazed at the discount provided for the prescription and asked for the program number. Hopefully he sees the value The Savings Highway provides and will sign up.
  8. accawana

    accawana New Member

    I haven't heard of Savings Highway. But I have heard of Savings Society. This business will be pre-launched on May 1st.
  9. thrifty10

    thrifty10 New Member

    Hi Chris, Have you made any money with savings highway yet? Which level did you sign up for, Bronze, Silver or Gold?
    I am in my second month as a Bronze member, and have 9 others in my downline and no money yet! I wonder if you have to upgrade to Silver or Gold to make any money. If so, they should tell you when you first join, that you won't get any income as a Bronze member. I wanted to start out with a lower investment, and upgrade as I made some income.
    I can't find any information on the website for Bronze member benefits, and have left 2 messages and a help email. Still waiting.
    I did talk to the owner when I first started, not knowing what to ask, but haven't been able to get a call back since.
  10. loanhomewealth

    loanhomewealth New Member

    Savings Highway is an OK program. I was with it for a while. It is ok if your looking to generate a few hundred per month. There isnt much duplication there and not many members. The savings are decent if you actually use them.

    I believe you are better off marketing programs that were brick and mortar FIRST before going over to the affiliate marketing model. Also being ground floor and unique is a must.

    Success to all .
  11. ibuzzmentor

    ibuzzmentor Member

    Savings Highway is for sure a workers program. At 5 bucks a head it takes a massive team to earn any substantial money. Many drop off after just a couple months. The product just doesnt pop and many of the benefits can be had for free. It is not a scam just take a lot of work and time to get even close to the top.

    I think MPB Today is a program that resonates with everyone and the product has pop to it. Everyone is jazzed about getting free groceries, earning thousands helping others get the same, and getting free wal mart cards. Just two people and you can cycle over and over again. They pay twice a week and you get 300 in cash and 200 in wal mart cards with just filling up the 2x2 organization.

    That is why MPB Today has about 10k members in it after three months and Savings Highway maybe 1000 members active, maybe a bit more.

    Just pick a program and work it hard.

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