Scam or not?

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  1. greenone

    greenone New Member

    Hopefully i've found a site that will provide honesty without a vested interest.
    Has anyone joined myeasycashbiz? I think it's a data entry company offering a shed load of money for simple work.I have searched the internet for comments but have found nobody that has worked for them.They are based in LA,but seem to be big in the poorer Asian countries.Is it a scam?

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  2. KB24

    KB24 Active Member

    I took a look at the sales page. Id be very wary of it especially when you have to pay upfront to get info. Instead of looking for quick money I would look into affiliate marketing. You don't need a lot of money to start. Its going to take effort on your part but the best part is you will be building your own business online.
  3. Louisa

    Louisa New Member

    With a name like that, sounds very scammy lol
  4. Anders J

    Anders J Member

    How long term do you think it is?

    I would seriously do some research on other options as it is just a sales letter with benefits and no description of what you have to do. Also it does not look like it can attract serious people but needy ones.

    I would avoid them and start to learn instead. Read Think and grow rich. You were born rich by Bob Proctor to start with.
  5. huxleader

    huxleader New Member

    There are so many opportunities out there on the internet. Its hard to tell what is genuine and what is a scam. What would be the best way to judge them all?
  6. PeterMFL

    PeterMFL Active Member

    Once you been looking for opportunities long enough you start to get the hang of it and can tell straight away from their websites and how they present themselves...
    However, everyone should always do research before signing up to an opportunity. If someone was scammed or unhappy with it I'm sure their experience will be on the internet somewhere.

    Research on Google or YouTube. You can usually tell the fakes from the honest people on YouTube as the honest people don't hype it up or give you unrealistic statistics. "Make up to $6000 in your first month for example...." doesn't happen....
    They also usually know what they're saying.
  7. Anders J

    Anders J Member

    How to do opportunity research.

    As allready mentioned Google and youtube are good indicators and usually the words scam and fraud will bring up related information.
    Caution though as you have to see the fine line between the good, bad and the ugly. All opportunites gets the scam labels on them at some point and if they aint got it in a Google search it means it is to new or nobody cares.

    The site will tell you the basic information of the website and its age. Is it brand new? And alot of other things.

    The warrior foum is also good for research of an Internet Marketing opportunity. The bottomline is though that after a while you get experience with what works online and will find that 98% of any so called opportunities (IM is a jungle) are just a waste of time, effort and your money. Go to and look for make money type of options. Go to any Facebook MLM type of groups. You see it is all hard to find that opportunity that makes it perfect enough that you would want to promote it.

    The big joke that few realize is the work is actually called marketing regardless of what the opportunity is. That means x amount of service/goods in exchange for the amount you would like to earn. It is a website and traffic of targetted people to it. The work is nearly the same online despite the opportunity.

    The WMI blueprint allows you to build your own business namely your presence and not just be another guy with an opportunity. That means I own and call the shots. It is up to me what is going to happend. I do not have do to anything else than to help other people interested in a home based business and give value. As a change of your position gives you an identity you have something you can trust 100%. The opportunity I currently promote can be gone gone in a day or two but I will still have my business online and my list established.

    What you got to find is your prefered way of working to make an online income and then research what you find the best you can.
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  8. drknlvly6781

    drknlvly6781 Active Member

    This looks like one of the classic "Data Entry" bait and switches I saw a lot of in 2007. The thing is, its not a scam but its very misleading. The "forms" that you are filling out are located on classified ad sites around the internet, and the info that you are placing is an ad trying to get another sucker to buy this silly useless information from you in order for you to be paid.

    I signed up to something similar in years past, but fortunately the person who I signed up under had a conscience once someone enlightened them, and sent me my $19.95 back. And this one has the nerve to be $65! Smh please don't waste your money on this there are more honest ways of making money online trust me
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  9. GTR

    GTR New Member

    I gave it a look and something isn't right. I clicked on the demo button and it brought me to a sign up page. It looks like you have to pay $65 to get started, not a good sign. Start up fees should be free. Then I read where you get a basic salary of $1000 a month. No one gives away that kind of money without some strings (probably ropes) attached.

    I would avoid this program.
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