Seeking advise and guidance from people who actually work from home

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Jeffrey Barrero, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. Jeffrey Barrero

    Jeffrey Barrero New Member

    Hello my name is Jeffrey Barrero, and always had the idea to be able to work from home not to make a fortune or get rich over night. I’ve seen a lot of work from home “opportunities” and I made the mistake to actually pay from them in the past. I’ve also talked to several people offering dreams, and shiny things. It usually turned in to pyramids, telemarketing, creating adds, re-selling product of some sort, but not an actual job. I am not saying that people can’t make money by doing most of the stuff its offered, but not an actual job. Before I actually attempt to start anything I would like to talk or hear directly from someone who actually works from home, and especially if is doing the same thing I am interested on. I wouldn’t mind doing some type of tech support of some sort, flying some where and getting trained, getting a certification to be able to work, etc. I wouldn’t want to sell, advertise, and definitely not scam anyone in to anything. Not saying that anyone in this forum does, but we all know we can’t be too careful.

    I am not here to offer anything, but just to see what most of you are doing, and hopefully learn and find an ideal job. I am currently attending college for drafting, and I don’t mind spending endless hours in front of my computer. I got great costumer service from working retail, manager at a contracting company and got laid off because one of the owners got busted stealing from the company and I felt let down by the person who I looked up to. I am currently assisting for an attorney, but its just not my cup of tea. I am not greedy, I am not looking to make a fortune but at least enough to support myself and cover my bills while I am in school. If I could possibly make more money than enough? Great but if not that’s fine.

    Please don’t take my post as some kind of resume or expecting anything from anyone here other than your honest opinion and your honest advise. I am frustrated and suppose to be doing a project for my midterms, but I can’t stop thinking what am I going to do. I know is not the end of the world, and life will never giving us more than what we can handle. I just figure I would give this a try and hope I don’t get ban from this forum, because even if I get no help. I can always read what you guys post and hope to learn that way.

    Thank you very much and have a great day.

    Feel free to DM me.

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  2. Anders J

    Anders J Member


    With the years of online experience I have had so far I can say that any online money making method is about one thing only and that is marketing! I mean you post an ad, people click and a few buy. Where were your selling in that scene? You placed an ad as part of your marketing.

    From what you are saying you have an mindset of a worker not a leader. As for income you can make whatever you like if you find the right way to do it but you have yet to find that out and write it down. Then figure out how.

    Making money online is a creative process where you have to take charge of where your life is going and that is basically to create the job not look for it. You have to be able to be the leader and give value, help your target audience with their goals.

    But if its only a job you want try Elance.
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  3. charis_r

    charis_r New Member

    I think that the key for anyone who works from home, or online or from remote access is to find what you can offer, what you love to do and then search for the means that allow you to do all those things.

    It's not easy to find the best combination but don't give up. There are reall
    lots of opportunities online. The online world is similar to the real world. You just need to keep pushing and the opportunity will come
  4. Art

    Art Member

    There are endless choices when it comes to work from home but you can divide them into three general categories:
    - providing services
    - selling material goods
    - internet marketing
    I'd say that with the first two you will probably make an income comparable to an 9-5 job but for many people this is more than enough plus they can work from home, don't have a boss etc
    If you want to create a real business that possibly can make you rich one day you'll probably have to go with the third option...
    When I first started making money online I was mainly doing translations, writing articles and doing other small jobs of this nature. Only after some time I realized that there is a ceiling to the income you can actually earn with it.
    That's why I got into Internet Marketing.
    You'll have to ask yourself a question - what are you really looking for in the long run...
    Good luck,
  5. Anders J

    Anders J Member

    I find that there are a few basic categories you can choose between:

    1: Internet Marketing. Basically affiliate sites being the thing to promote and make money. No relationship with customers and low commisions in general.
    2: Network Marketing/direct sales. Has a bad rep due to ineffecient marketing methods like flyers, meetings and soforth. Attraction marketing has arrived and established it self long ago that solves the lead problem. You build relationships with your customers and can achieve a lot in return.
    3: Your own products. Here you have your own stuff to promote and build your customer base. You set the price and get full commisions on them. This could be on whatever you are knowledge about and love to do.
  6. Philip Mueller

    Philip Mueller New Member

    Great advice here. I learned alot.
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  7. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    I think some mix working from home business opportunities with a job opportunity. If you want a job in which you work from home then there are generally no start up cost that appear visable. Meaning there are cost but they don't stand out like a home business network marketing opportunity, for example.

    I've been blessed and successful at prospering in home business network marketing. Yes you have start up cost for products/services but just because its network marketing that does not make it an ILLEGAL pyramid which many confuse such.

    Network marketing gives you the opportunity to apply leverage to create income and prosperity. The network marketing / Direct sales profession is documented for creating more millionaires then another profession. Why?, because it positions you to be able to use leverage like the owner of people's jobs.

    When you look at your job, you and all the employees are contributing a collective effort that benefits the owner. However, employees rarely to never have even the legitimate chance to live and prosper like the owner.

    This is why I think one should look to have leverage, aka. networking as part of their home business endeavors, it is simply the key difference between those that prosper in the business world and those that don't.
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  8. Anders J

    Anders J Member

    It is the leaders that make the money in network marketing/direct sales industry and is part of what I teach in the WMI blueprint. You have to build your presence online and give value back. This is not hard to do and a lot more fun once you set it up for life due to the leverage you have that attraction marketing gives you.
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  9. Rico Harris

    Rico Harris New Member

    What you are looking for is a work from home job not a work at home business opportunity. One great place to look is Kelly services from home. Just type in Kelly services from home in google. My wife got a job doing tech support for apple and they might still have positions open. This was a real pay check that she got every week. Also you can go to This site usually post positions for people that are looking for real work at home jobs. Hope this helps-Rico
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  10. elizabeta

    elizabeta Banned

    i work on line some time now.i lost a lot of many on scams and so on.but when you find the perfect business,than you find your self.i never know that i can do sales and so on,but now i know.this is my job and i love it.i hope you find yours.
  11. AllanJames

    AllanJames New Member

    By saying you want a JOB online, are you looking for something that pays you per hour or competed task? (personally that's a big yuck for me - but each to their own)

    Given the outstanding opportunity that exists for an internet marketer online, why would you want to limit yourself so much and walk past a much better lifestyle - freedom even?

    I don't understand.
  12. ajamarketing

    ajamarketing New Member

    I can definitely understand and relate to any concern or aversion you may have toward internet marketing. For me personally, working online with marketing is not my true passion...teaching is. So I have chosen to teach full time and use internet marketing as a part time supplemental income that allows me to be a little more financially secure. There are definitely some jobs available online that are full time or part time positions where you are working for a company getting a set pay. However, I believe these positions are generally difficult to find in a specific area of expertise and even more difficult to land due to competition. You may consider a full or part time job that's not online and then use another online opportunity such as marketing to supplement. This will allow you more freedom in your time and you can control how many hours you work as well as how much money you make. In the marketing business, more effort equals more money earned. Good luck!
  13. gowriter

    gowriter Member

    From my experience, digital marketing agencies are looking for great quality content. So if you can write well and get published on high-ranking diets like Yahoo Voices, you're doing well. Guest post on a few sites. Create a small website or have a way people can get a hold of you should you choose to offer your services. It's already tough to get a guest post published, but if your content is awesome enough you've got a marketable skill that you can sell.

    ELance is a great place to get your start.
  14. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I have worked from home in various ways over the course of the past ten years for sure... Here is what I have learned...

    1) affiliate marketing is a way to earn great money once you have wrapped your brain around the whole concept of how it all works.. It takes a lot of time to learn the ins and outs of SEO, keyword research, blogs, hosting and all that stuff. I did it and was making a pretty good income till Google made some changes and all my work kinda slid down the black hole of the internet abyss!

    However, it still works... all you need to do is learn how to get traffic to your blogs or sites and you can slap any affiliate link on your site for easy commissions.

    There are some great guides and manuals where you can learn all that.

    2) Ebay and Amazon... I still sell on Ebay - whenever I find something cool at a yard sale or something stuck away in a drawer that I think someone else might like to buy, I stick it on Ebay. Not so much on Amazon anymore. That's a little harder. But Ebay is always a place to make a quick buck if you have any valuables.

    I have sold everything of value that my hubby will let me sell! haha

    3) Network marketing, MLM, direct sales.... this has always been the best way to create a good retirement income.

    It has gotten bad rap because of how folks have mishandled it - I mean, we ALL have a family member or neighbor that bugs everybody to join THEIR business cause it's the BEST one since sliced bread, right??

    Truth remains, there is a reason these network marketing companies do billions in sales!

    I have been in and out of mlms since way when I first did Amway about 25 years ago... and it takes work to build a business, but heck, not any more than it takes to build a local mom n pop shop... and WAY LESS overhead.

    I had tried a few and decided it's too much work until a new one was dropped into my lap about a year ago.

    I am so grateful as it came at a time that I needed some passion back in my life and a purpose - plus money, of course. Who doesn't need more money?! And it's working for me this time. I like when things work.

    So I guess with all my jabbering, I am trying to say that you never know what you will come across that will light your bulb! :)
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  15. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member


    If you are looking for a JOB online then I am here to tell you that you need to forget about it and go out OFFLINE and look for one.

    You are going to get scammed because most websites out there will ask you for some sort of an investment and when that happens, you should not attempt to join.

    I know I sound a little harsh but that is the HONEST truth.
  16. moneysmartad

    moneysmartad New Member

    Great discussion ! i think affiliate marketing is the nice way to generate good income online from home.
  17. Jameslopez90

    Jameslopez90 New Member

    It depends on what you like. I work from home on a part time bases. For me it was a learning curve. And of course I didn't know what I wanted to get involved in terms of business. But over the two years, ive learn a great deal on a lot and how you really should go about doing a home base business. Anybody could join a business but the biggest mistake they do is spend money and have no idea what they're getting into or a plan. For any business you need something that help you grow. Something that can help you build a team full of dedicated, action takers that are not afraid of failing.
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