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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by mrsheatherlodde, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. Hello! I am very interested in starting work at or cafepress but suffice to say I am not artistic when it comes to drawing or designing but when it comes to words or sentences I believe I could do well with this. Has anyone worked with any of these companies before and if so, did you ever submit your own art or just logo's and still got paid? thanks so much!
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    Hi Heather and welcome!

    I have a cafepress account but haven't had time to do much with it - however, from what I understand, you can design shirts or use other logos, but the trick is the promoting, just as in anything else online.

    That is where your writing skills will come in handy.[​IMG]

    I was going to design some shirts etc for the elections and advertise them but the niche was too great so I didn't pursue it.

    So basically what you can do is set up your cafepress store and then set up blogs, Squidoo lens, etc to adverise your stuff.... directing traffic to your store and ka-ching.

    That is my take on it, unless I am drastically missing the whole point - of which I am very capable of..[​IMG]
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    Hi, mrsheatherlodde I have a cafepress account. I really like the idea, but just haven't had the time. Since you are good with words, you can use your words to be artistic. You could gcreate teachers that make certain statements or poems, etc, kind of like a Halmark card on a t-shirts. Just an idea.[​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Yes I do use Zazzle and do sell merchandise from simple art designs that I have created. In the past 6 months I've racked up about $400,
    not only from my Designs but through the promotion of other artist designs.

    You can also sell what you write on Zazzle, I've sold several motivational based mugs.

    Zazzle lets you put your writings, artwork, photos and mixed media on posters & prints, business & profile cards, stickers & bumper stickers, keychains, magnets, mousepads, ceramic & glass mugs, aprons, hats, shirts & t-shirts, sneakers, greeting cards, postcards, postage stamps. They have recently introduced an embroidery service which is pretty cool.

    There are many other services out there like Zazzle, I've tried about seven including Cafepress. But in my opinion Zazzle is the leader of the pack.

    The have the best compensation plan of any On Demand Manufacturing Site that I've seen so far so give it a shot and start uploading your stuff. You keep all copyrights, and Zazzle does is facilitate the distribution of your Intellectual Property.
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    That is a great idea to sell clothes in an online store! Do you know alibaba? Type it in google. There are a lot of wholesaler which are selling clothes etc. I am sure that this is interesting for you!

    But be aware! Do not sell any fakes of famous brands because you could get yourself in big troubles! A friend of mine sold clothes on eBay and he did not know that they were faked... he got a letter from an attorney and he had to pay over 10.000 US Dollar.

    Wish you luck with your business

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