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    Building A Network Marketing Team Is Not About Selling

    This is the #1 point I drive home constantly with my team members and whenever I have a new team member struggling the first thing I tell them is "Call me and give me your prospect presentation."

    90% of the time the presentation will come across as a sales pitch and I do not care what you say, that approach will not work.

    Here's a few reasons why:

    1. You are trying to build a team of people that comprehed the opportunity and are ready to get to work and I mean REALLY WORK. If you have to convince or sell someone that your opportunity is for them then you are also going to have to sell them to work the business EVERY day. This is not the type of team member you are seeking. You want go-getters, people with vision.

    2. People see through a sales pitch and it will never come across as natural. You'll lose more than you gain.

    You should be sorting by interviewing

    I coach my team members to interview prospects. Find out what they are looking to achieve and what is their background to determine if the are in fact a good fit. Use that information to relate your opportunity to the individual and how it will help them succeed.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with passing on a prospect. If I am on a prospecting call and the person is a "dead fish" meaning I know there is no way they are going to be into giving a presentation either on the business or the services then why would I waste my time.

    You have to remember you are investing time in your team and that they are ultimately the ones that will have the largest impact on your financial growth.

    Make good choices, use your gut instincts and select people that you believe are going to get out there and "do it" just like you are doing it.

    It makes absolutely no sense to invst time in someone who does not get it and probably never will or even in someone who is going to "give it a go".

    I tell every single prospect I talk to that there is no chance I am going to sell or try and convince them to join my business. I simply provide the information in a complete and truthful manner.

    I also do not sign anyone unto my business on the first call. I also tell them this "Even if you said Steve I am ready to go right now, sign me up!! I would not."

    I provide the information on the initial call, follow up with an email providing more information and then follow up again with a phone call. That is it, I do not follow up again. Either they join me or they do not.

    My time is valuable to me and I maximize it by spending it on people that have the true business spirit within them and will not waste a single minute on nay sayers or thse who find 5 million reasons why they should not do it.

    Do not sell, sort through people to find those that match your goals and drive. It may take longer to build a team but it will be a more succesful team in the ling run.
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    Two friends of mine come to mind. They have been in the network marketing industry for many years.

    The first friend talks to everybody about his business opportunity and company products; the second friend talks to nobody about his business opportunity or company products.

    Guess who's more successful.

    Neither of them.

    Strange but true.

    The first friend turns prospects off within the first few seconds of the conversation. They hear a slick and pushy sales person and want to get away from him as soon as they can.

    The second friend has people leaning forward wanting to listen to more. This friend tells stories his prospects can identify with. He engages them by asking them questions.

    The people my first friend manages to sponsor into his business are gone in less than five months. He cannot keep them.

    The people my second friend sponsors stay in for much longer but eventually get discouraged and also leave. My second friend cannot keep his people either.

    What happened? What went wrong?

    One of the problems I see is that none of the people my friends sponsored could duplicate what they were doing. My friends are smooth talkers, very slick and polished gentlemen.

    They are salesmen and each work from a different angle. The first takes the aggressive approach while the other takes the passive one.

    The first friend approaches his prospect and immediately launches into his pitch. When rejected? NEXT!

    The second friend approaches his prospects but spends a bit of time shmoozing them first. He creates a relationship, then sits back and waits for the right moment to spring the trap. But the trap fails and the prey gets away.

    The first friend is like the noisy guy in the boat. He constantly has to be told to shut up or he'll scare all the fish away. The second is like the hunter who can mysteriously attract all the animals to him but who doesn't know how to set a good trap for catching them.

    Neither friends are successful. Neither methods are effective.

    When I sponsor someone, I don't believe I have done anything to cause that. I do not sell anything to anyone. I do not smooth talk anybody. I don't even know how to do that. I wouldn't know what to say. Their coming into my business does not depend upon me.

    I study the maps to find a good spot for fishing, where there are plenty of the species I am interested in catching. I learn what will attract those fish to me by finding a mentor who is presently successful at catching those types of fish and I do what he does.

    I go to my secret fishing spot and quietly put my line in the water. If the fish are hungry, then they will come. If not, then no matter what I do, they will not bite.

    I cannot smooth talk those fish into my boat. Nor can I shoot them with a gun for I will scare the entire school away. I cannot do anything other than put my line in the water, adorned with the most reasonable lure and bait, and wait patiently for the hungry fish to be attracted. That is all.

    And timing is everything. You must learn when the fish are most hungry. It's no good to go fishing at a time of day when they are sleeping or when they are busy doing something else. You will be brushed off and ignored and you will have wasted your time.

    Again, you can learn all of this information easily from someone who is already successful at catching the species you are interested in. Go talk with him and shut up. Shut up and listen to him, that is. God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason!

    To Your Success!

    Rob & Rayvin
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    I can respect the approach steve. I think alot of people don't do what you are saying because most people think in order to sell something you have to actually sell it when in reality most people buy their sales person and not just the item. BUilding a relationship is crucial and having enough people skills to recognize when you are wasting your time(as it is precious) and when you are truely building a worthwhile relationship with a person.

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