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Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by Barb Thornback, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. I have just installed SEOPressor and SEO Search Terms 2 on a few of my websites.

    Just wondering if anyone else uses these plug-ins and how they are working for them.

    SEOPressor is great for making sure a post is optimised for maximum SEO benefit. [​IMG]

    What SEO plugins do you use?
  2. MzJme

    MzJme New Member

    The plugin that I use for my wordpress sites is all-in-one SEO pack.
  3. kane1976

    kane1976 New Member

    Ive seen the demo video for SEOPressor, and i must admit it looks pretty good, with so many wordpress plugins coming out of the woodwork though, it's just hard to pick and choose.

    I think i will probably invest in SEOPressor at some point soon, but for now, the all in one seo pack is doing just fine.
  4. ericlenhard

    ericlenhard New Member

    I use only All-In-One SEO pack. [​IMG]
  5. dmitch31

    dmitch31 New Member

    My problem with SEOPressor is that everyone who is selling it says that it has made a world of difference for them and that they wouldn't live without it and blah blah blah.

    BUT, where has anyone actually done a test of two nearly identical sites, one utilizing SEO Pressor and one not and proved that the site with SEO Pressor performs better in organic search results?

    They do a great job in their sales pitch of convincing people that it's necessary and that everyone needs it, but IMO, that hasn't been proven. Personally I'd love to see some sort of tests done. Otherwise, I would have jumped on the SEO Pressor bandwagon myself, but at $97, made me think twice.
  6. Chrissy15

    Chrissy15 New Member

    Hi, I've had experience of SEOPressor too and I don't really think it's all that either [​IMG] Seemed to be wildly out on the keyword density when checked with other tools.

    There's actually a free plugin which does almost exactly the same that you can get your hands on and save yourself $97!

    I personally use ClickBump SEO these days, which is along the same lines, but I like it a whole lot better and it also makes suggestions for LSI keywords.

    All-in-One-SEO Pack or Platinum SEO (which I think is the update) is great because it forces you to think carefully about your page title, description and keywords.

  7. sunnyblue

    sunnyblue New Member

    Well, I use these plugins

    Contextual Related Post
    WP Sitemap
    Light SEO
    WP content filter
  8. jamess

    jamess Member

    SEOPressor and SEO Search Terms 2, I don't use these plug-ins. I used all-in-one seo pack is and I think this is favorite of all SEO's ...
  9. I've been using several plug-ins to ensure that my blog is at its 100% when it comes to SEO.
    To name some of the plug-ins;
    Google Analytics
    SEO Friendly Images
    Optimize Database

    The plug-in mentioned above works for me perfectly..
  10. Expert

    Expert Member

    I use yoast but all in one is also good.

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