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  1. sweet home 2

    sweet home 2 New Member

    Hi, I wants to join SFI. Does this business works? Should I join this business? I was reading bbb.org review about this business. I have read the complaints about this business. People are saying that they have closed their accounts without any reason. People were saying that, they have been working with SFI for a long time , and now they have closed their accounts without any reason. People were saying that , when someone starts earing with SFI , they used to close their accounts. SFI have satisfied very well , and said that those people were doing wrong activities, which are against SFI terms of service. People does'nt agree with SFI saying that they were doing wrong activities. I am still reviewing this business. What are your opinions , and experience about this business? Thanks
  2. shoemaker

    shoemaker New Member

    I was inactive almost 2 years and never closed my account. I resumed my work done 20 days and I have no problems with my SFI account. I do not know the rules of SFI. I do not need. I know that is wrong and that is fine. I only work honestly and all is well. I do not spam. No theft affiliated with a team leader. No extraneous programs make fraud malicious purposes. I do what I do. 5,123,838 people do everything right so far this day January 24, 2016.
  3. Newoak

    Newoak Member

    I Also have an SFI account since 2013, I make the most money selling products on there Online Store TripleClicks. Just Today I applied to start a store on Tripleclicks to sell products that I am selling elsewhere online. I think you would be better focusing on selling or promoting products on SFI TripleClicks Store!
  4. athomebizgal

    athomebizgal New Member

    I am a member of SFI. I cannot say enough good things about the training and support provided, even from fellow member affiliates. The prevailing attitude is one of warmth and welcome, as though we are one big family, and together we shall succeed.
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  5. Boriscro

    Boriscro New Member

    SFI is a good company but everyone should be focused on tripleclicks to sell some products because it is very hard to build your team. You must join in early time. Later is pretty hard.
  6. Obinna Odo

    Obinna Odo New Member

    I am a member of SFI and in my own opinion, it is one of the most trustworthy companies online. With millions of members over the years, one can say it is a huge success. I have not had any problems with them and I concentrate my efforts in referring people and building my downline and the method I use is working for me.
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  7. Osmund

    Osmund New Member

    SFI is a real company and paid real commission according to the work
    you put in.
  8. ScottCofer

    ScottCofer Member

    Here's one of the big differences about SFI (outside of the fact that the company is rock-solid, the community is very supportive and the training is first-rate).

    The additional income opportunity and upside potential that TripleClicks provides is staggering. And this is all in addition to the standard 'team building' income approach that is unlimited as well.

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