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Discussion in 'Fun Time Vacation Club' started by decker2006, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. decker2006

    decker2006 New Member

    For a football fundraiser, I have donated a bunch of certs and a condo card for a silent auction. The team has also donated things like some small pieces of luggage, travel locks, etc. Well, I have to make a poster advertising our travel and vacation basket. I would love to hear some ideas from those of you who may have done something like this. It is free advertising so I want to highlight FTV as well as the great vacations I am giving away. I have a couple of ideas already but any input would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    Thanks for the post Noreen. I have been successful at many of these in the past and want to give you the best advice.
    1. Always creat a circle of events that lead back to you .
    Auctions are a great source of local community leads. when doing an auction its important for you to have the ability to retain all of the names of the people who bid. in your planning make sure that the advertizing says that everyone who bids on anything at the auction with get a free travel voucher just for bidding. with Fun times new FREE travel voucher program you are able to give as many away as you want and collect your activation residual income. so in other words the more you get to give out the more leads and money you make. if you give away 200 you will activate approximatly 20 % at $25.00 each you do the math hahaha. just make sure that when the voucher is givin to the bidder that you provide a sponsor letter with it telling the person to call to register it within 48 hours creating that sence of urgency.
    2. Make sure you are maximizing the amount of leads you will recieve from the auction.
    You do this by telling the powers at be that each vacation that is givin out will have to be registered with the company so that when the people want to travel there name will be on record.

    3.make sure to creat a sence of urgencey for those participating to contact you.
    The sponsor letter givin out with the travel voucher should be from the auction and your business explaining what they are getting and that they only have 48 hours to call you and say they got it . at that time you can activate them and possibly talk to them about a biz op.
    4. Only use vouchers with a high percieved value that a person not thinking of traveling can use easily.
    remember you are taking a person that wasnt thinking about a vacation and now will start thinking about planning one so making it easy makes you look good . dont give away far away places that would cost them tons of extra money. the condo program is great along with a cruise and stay or disney something like that.
    i hope this helps .
  3. Lovinlife

    Lovinlife New Member

    Hi Noreen,

    Your question on having a poster or flyers to advertise your auction items is a great one.

    One of the most important things to make yourself unique is to brand your business with graphics and maybe even logos. This was the first step our graphic artist had us think about.

    After you establish what you want for your travel business, then the rest is easy. Like Rusty had said you want a circle of events that will continually bring your clients back to you. So a recognizable logo or picture will remind them of who you are and what you do---selling individual vacations or complete packages for unlimited usage.

    We are in the middle of creating adveritisng posters for our team and if you would like to see what we have been using at expos, and trade shows locally, I would be happy to email you a peek at what we are creating.

    Maybe we could even brainstorm some copy material that both could benefit from.
  4. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    Hi everyone great post Paulette
    My girls fastpitch softball teams ages 10 u to 16 u just completed a a fall fund raiser that was absolutly incredable. we raised $3,700 dollars for all the teams to split and was able to give out almost 350 vacation vouchers and free fun time vacation club memberships. the fundraiser was a FALL FLOWER SALE one of the coaches ownes a greenhouse and they got the flowers for us wholesale. we made up pre order forms and each player pre sold flowers early september to everyone they knew. each person that made any type of purchase recieved a travel gift from funtime who is a sponsor. through this event the organization was able to pick up additional sponsors from all the contacts that where made.
    WIN .......WIN........WIN..........WIN........
    all the leads where given to me and we have already started getting activation calls. what a wonderful business we are in dont you think. i gave away a product that you get for FREE.
    i will be making lots of activation money. and i recieved alot of local leads FREE. this is something that anyone can do its not hard to set up and it dosnt take alot of work best of all when the customers came to pic up there flowers the players were in uniform and got lots of hugs from there customers it was a real special day . if you want information on other fundraisers please let me know i am an expert hahaha i think i have just about done them all. keep up the good work
  5. Judy

    Judy New Member

    I am planning to give a Bahamas Cruise and Stay cetificate for a silent auction but I had a couple of questions.
    Is the paper that was included inside with the cheaper prices still valid (until the expiry date?)
    I couldn't find a price for the kids -do you have set prices for children staying in the same room as they were not on the certificate.
    The price per person that they need to send in, is that the taxes, processing fees and fuel surcharges?
    Also, if for some reason you do not have the dates available and the person does not want to upgrade if they attend a timeshare presentation, can they have their money refunded or can you work over the phone to get a date that will work for everyone?

    I just want to make this easy for people as the ladies bidding on this will be new or pregnant moms who do not have time for loopholes and I certainly want to show Coastal in a good light (and raise some money as well).

  6. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    Hi Judy

    Im not sure what paper you are looking at.

    The pricing for kids is seasonal but the general area is.
    1. 12 and under is $ 89.00
    2. 1 and under is FREE

    Have you set up the auction to give you the most leads.

    Is everyone who bids getting a gift . ( activation income )

    Are you being give all the infomation on everyone who makes a bid.

    If you can arrange these things you will get the most bang for the buck
  7. Judy

    Judy New Member

    Hi Vernon,
    The paper inside was a white piece of paper that said Bahamas Cruise Resort Vacation Special
    $99/$169/$239 per adult call to confirm reservation dates.

    I am just trying to write up a blurb about the certificate and am still confused re the government taxes (is this for the hotel?) processing fees (is that the amount they send in to you?) and the fuel surcharges (what would that be for?)

    I have put down the children's rates you listed but I just want people to know exactly what they will owe as these are friends of mine I am trying to introduce to my business.

    Thanks and hope you see this soon.
  8. Judy

    Judy New Member

    Just wondering why noone is posting on the forum for a while now. I know Funtime members had a seminar in the Bahamas and I know as a Coastal member I was very interested to hear what happened, how it turned out and of course how the accomodations were and the cruise and stays that many of you took.

    I was able to make $210 for my silent auction cruise and stay that I never did get my questions answered. It went to a friend's Mom so I can't wait to get the positive feedback on booking the trip and of course the trip itself. As Rusty keeps pointing out in our Coastal forum he is interested in giving the best customer service so there are few if any complaints. That's why I chose to give away the Funtime glossy rather than the other Bahamas ones I have.

    I printed off all the info from your website and put it in with the glossy even though it stated there was a $45 a person activation fee and I don't think that applied to my Coastal glossy.

    Anyways, just wanted to say that I'd love to hear from you Funtimers and not sure if noone is posting how long these threads will stay on. As you are one of our major vendors we do like to see what you are up to and know that we can count on you when booking our vacations.


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